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You are the traffic

Updated on October 20, 2012
Traffic jams are veritable evils of development.
Traffic jams are veritable evils of development. | Source

Traffic jams have become an integral part of our daily lives. Yet one is oblivious to their avoidance till the daily suffering recommences. The developed autobahns of Europe or developing nations’ roads, commonly have this scourge. In the developed nations, the density of private transportation such as cars adds to the problem whereas nations such as India, China, Brazil, etc., have assorted traffic of all vehicle compositions compounding to the woes of commuters. May we ponder on some of the prophylactic measures?

1. We are the traffic and further add to the woes. Hence, we require self imposed restraint during traffic jams. Trying to veer through the traffic somehow at the cost of road conditions worsens the situation.

2. We compulsorily need to attend to work/business/Doctor/personal matters. 90% of remaining issues can be managed over the net/teletalk/video conferences, etc. An urge to hit the road without sufficient thought should be curbed.

3. Once we plan the trip and its timing, we require to plan the route too. We can check with friends/GSM/FM radios about impending traffic jams in our planned route.

4. It helps to plan alternative routes in advance. Least congested routes should be preferred even if longer, considering the less toll it takes on vehicle maintenance and our own equilibrium.

5. We can start earlier to avoid peak hour rush. We can also negotiate start early leave early offers with our employers.

6. Given the global conditions of spiraling fuel prices and environmental impact, it is only a notch less than sheer irresponsibility if cars are preferred for travel by one or two persons only. We can trycar poolingas alternative or prefer public transport if feasible.

7. During traffic jams, road rage is infectious. Hence, we require to calm ourselves. We should maintain the basic rules of mutual safety.

8. Carrying worthwhile time management material such as books and CDs really helps in the case of long snarls.

9. We should leave margin of error for traffic jams impact on our travel time, to ensure timely reporting for flights/conferences, business calls, etc.

10. Traffic jams take the toll on the vehicle. Tie up with mechanic for regular checking of vehicle condition ensures longevity.

Happy steering!


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    • Au fait profile image

      C E Clark 4 years ago from North Texas

      It's too bad more employers won't allow people to work from home. With the technology now available it would cut way down on pollution from vehicles, and save time too.

      I used to drive rush hour traffic, though it wasn't quite as bad as you have pictured in your photo, but it was bad enough. There's no point in getting one's undies in a bundle about it because it's not going to move an faster or differently just because one loses their cool.

      Interesting article and some good suggestions for alleviating the pain of congested traffic.