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1970 AAR Cuda

Updated on February 25, 2014

Mopar's Ultimate Pony Car

The Plymouth AAR Cuda was a specially modified version of the 1970 Barracuda and was available for only one year, The AAR Cuda featured a special fiberglass hood, front and rear spoilers, AAR decals, and heavy duty suspension. What really made a Cuda into an AAR, though, was the engine - the 340 Six Pack which featured cylinder heads that were modified to allow for heavy port work and 3 Holley carburetors on an aluminum Edelbrock intake manifold. These features combined to make the AAR Cuda the hottest pony car ever produced. Dodge sold a similarly equipped model of the Challenger called the T/A.

1970 Plymouth AAR Cuda

Photo © and used with permission

Dodge Challenger Plymouth Barracuda: Chrysler's Potent Pony Cars is an excellent book on the history of the Plymouth Barracuda and Dodge Challenger. Besides covering the E Bodies, it has 2 chapters covering the first 2 generations of the Barracuda and even some of the Chrysler concept cars leading up to the Barracuda. This is a very nicely done hardcover book that you'll want to have if you're an E Body fan.

How (and why) to Build an AAR clone

Want your own? Of course you do:)

There are 2 really good reasons to build your own AAR instead of buying an original. The first is price - original AAR Cudas are very rare, so even if you're lucky enough to find one it's going to cost a lot. The second is modifiability - the original AAR was a great car in its day, but there are ways to improve it - and you wouldn't want to mess up a pristine original's value with after market parts even if the modifications make it a better car.

Building an AAR clone is easy. Unless you're going for a concours quality, exact replica clone you just need a few parts: front and rear spoilers, AAR fiberglass hood, AAR side stripe kit, and a Six Pack intake setup. Fortunately they're all available and easy to find...

Restoring an AAR - Restoration parts for your AAR Cuda

AAR Cuda, left front 3/4 view
AAR Cuda, left front 3/4 view

Photo © and used with permission

Mopar Six Pack Handbook

340 Power for your AAR Cuda or clone...

The AAR Cuda was powered by a special version of the Mopar 340. The 340 used in the AAR had several improvements over the standard 340, but the most noticeable difference was the Six Pack intake. If you're restoring an AAR Cuda (or building a replica) it just won't look right without the Six Pack intake, so this one is a "must have."

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