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The advantages of electric pocket bikes over mini gas motorcycles

Updated on February 13, 2012

There are essentially two different types of mini motorbikes, which consist of electric pocket bikes and mini gas motorcycles. Both types of mini bikes are the same size and dimensions, although there are distinct differences between them. Mini gas motorcycles are currently the most popular, which is difficult to understand.

Compared to mini gas motorcycles there are many advantages and benefits in owning electric pocket bikes, as follows;

Electric pocket bikes are cheaper to buy than mini gas motorcycles, which makes them great for people on a budget.

Since electric pocket bikes uses a battery to work they are environmentally friendly and don’t emit any nasty fumes and gases in to the atmosphere. Mini gas motorcycles, on the other hand, are not so environmentally friendly so if you want to reduce your carbon footprint electric pocket bikes are the way forward.

Electric pocket bikes are quiet, undisruptive and will not annoy your neighbours, which means you won’t get a visit from the plod. Mini gas motorcycles are exceptionally noisy, especially when you open them up a bit, and create a lot of unwanted attention from the neighbours, which could lead to a visit from the police.

Electric pocket bikes are very cheap to run and require plugging in to the mains for a few hours to recharge the battery. Mini gas motorcycles obviously need gas to work, which is expensive and the cost is only set to rise in the future.

Electric pocket bikes are very reliable and seldom break down, if at all. Mini gas motorcycles are notoriously unreliable and require a lot of care and maintenance.

Electric pocket bikes are clean and do not leak fuel and oil all over the place. All the fluids of an electric pocket bike are internally sealed so there is no chance of getting dirty. Mini gas motorcycles are well known for leaking excess fuel and oil.

Electric pocket bikes are generally slower than mini gas motorcycles, which makes them ideal for younger and inexperienced riders. So, for your child’s first mini bike the best bet is to buy an electric pocket bike.

As you can see there are loads of advantages of buying an electric pocket bike over mini gas motorcycles, so choosing which mini bike to buy is not a difficult decision to make.


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