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Aftermarket Auto Parts Versus General Motors Oem Parts

Updated on June 26, 2011

Exhaust Manifold

Aftermarket Auto Parts Versus General Motors Oem Parts

So you are having auto or truck issues. Not really quite sure where to take your vehicle for automotive service? Not sure what parts to use for your repairs? Well here I am going to try to help you on what to decide.

You take your vehicle to your local General Motors Dealership for service you are going to have certified technicians work on your vehicle that have access to General Motors Technical Service Bulletins & Campaigns at their fingertips, as if you take it to an independent shops that doesn’t have access to this information as easily.

As for the Independent shops they will more than likely use aftermarket auto parts for your auto and truck that would tend to be cheaper and of poor quality with probably a 90 day warranty as for your General Motors Part with a 1 year warranty & actually made for the vehicle itself, maybe a little more expensive but well worth the purchase price.

I have been selling General Motor Parts for over 30 years and have used both Aftermarket Auto Parts and General Motors Parts , as I do prefer using GM Parts or ACDelco over the aftermarket brand for the main reason is that the aftermarket are made cheap.

You don’t even want to know how many times I have a customer come in a looking for a part that they said that they bought down the street at the local part stores 3 weeks ago and it went bad and want me to answer it for them. I just tell them that you purchased an aftermarket auto parts with a limited warranty to where you might pay a little more for an OEM Parts that is guaranteed for at least a year. I always end up selling the Genuine GM Parts in the end.

Some of the Pro’s of aftermarket auto parts are they’re Less Expensive, can be equal or greater than OEM, more variety & better availably.

Some of the cons of OEM Parts are more expensive, Bought at Dealership and could be equal to some aftermarket parts. But whenever possibly I always use Genuine GM Parts or ACDelco parts. When I have to I will use aftermarket parts they really aren’t all that bad.

Now let’s talk on how GM Parts & AC Delco Parts versus price on Aftermarket Auto Parts. This is what I know from 30 years of experience, since the average consumer can only buy OEM GM Parts from the dealer the dealer can control the price they could sell the part for. The dealers all in conjunction work on a pricing structure as to suggested retail price and wholesale price. The Aftermarket field of course has several manufactures of parts that they are priced all differently. You have your high end discount auto parts that are pricey for the reason that they will work, as to your cheap ass auto parts that are made really cheap and I mean real cheap. You will be lucky if they last a few months.

Now in review I prefer your GM Parts & AC Delco Parts over your Aftermarket Auto Parts. If I have to use an aftermarket auto parts, I would prefer using the higher priced parts, just because they are made better and should last and I mean last.

General Motors Parts

ACDelco Parts

AC Delco Auto Parts


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    • profile image

      CyberPuppy 4 years ago

      What's really silly to me is that my Opel has lots of its parts manufactured by Bosch and if I phone GM and Bosch, GM charges 2 to 3 times more for the exact same thing. For instance, I had to replace my coilpack and GM quoted me the equivalent of $500 while I could get it from a Bosch reseller for $200. The exact same thing.