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my allstate insurance account

Updated on September 7, 2011


People need to find a insurance company that will give them a affordable rate that is within their budget, so they can keep up with their insurance payments.It is a good feeling to know you have insurance on your vechicle(s).Insurance is some we must have,so keep it up as much as possible.

What Do You Think About Vechicle Insurance Increases?

Many people in this country is driving around without vehicle insurance at all.Some of them do it purposely,and many just can't afford it anymore because of the rates going up.It is odd how the insurance a insurance companycan give 2 people the same age,driving record,live in the same area 2 different insurance quotesand monthly payments.Some companies is more expensive than others,because they know there are people out there that can afford to pay the prices they charge.Here in the state of Louisiana we must have at last liability coverage on our vehicles.Which is called 15,30,25-$15,000 each person,$30,000 each accident,$25,000 occurrence For new vehicles comprehensive and collision coverage must be purchased by the new owner.I predict that insurance rates will rise again in the future.Insurance fraud is on the the rise more these days,which is one of the causes of rates going up from companies that is hit the hardest by fraud.Driving with no insurance to me is like leaving home without my wallet,it just doesn't feel right.AllState Insurance Company,Progressive Insurance,and Nationwide Insurance is all good companies with high customer approval rate,and I highly recommend them to you, Vehicle Insurance, Joseph Potier You can find me at or or


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