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I have a 07 honda fit and vehicle jerks at the stop light, any answers as to what is the cause?

Can anyone help to answer this question? I have a 2007 honda fit aria, and problem occurs mostly in the morning when driving with the ac unit on, on coming to a stop at the stop light, vehicle jerks and continues until I remove my foot from the brake, it takes couple second and then rolls on, also, I found if on a slope, I am running back. Mechanics are still trying to locate the problem. Any suggestions as to the problem or what is causing the problem?


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4 years ago
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  • ATH07 profile image

    ATH07 3 years ago

    same problem, automatic 2007 Fit Sport. Eventually it started lurching when I accelrate 55 mph-60 mph. After 3 mo, P and D were flashing. Dealer drained and filled T, replaced the 3rd Pressure switch, told me may need new trans