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Turn signals stopped and gas needle dropped to E at the same time. 2004 Expedition. Fuse? HELP!

Last night, sitting at a light, in the blink of an eye my blinkers stopped working (went to a solid green) and my gas needle fell from Full to Emply and low gas light came on. Background: I've been having a problem with my turn signals over the past several months. After having replaced the bulbs and still having a problem, on occasion while my turn signals are blinking, they'll just stop and go solid. At some point the next day or sometime later they will start to work again. I was looking at having the relay investigated until the fuel gauge acted up at the same time. Now I think fuse??


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Lisa Vollrath (lisavollrath) says

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11 months ago
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    lmmunoz0729 11 months ago

    Thank you. I appreciate your feedback!