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Honda Fury is better than the Yamaha Raider or Stratoliner? Are you nuts or just mis-informed?

Yeah, the Fury looks good & has smooth, flowing lines but it has a small, weak motor. I currently own a 2009 Raider (1853cc of muscle) and I'm in the process of buying a 2010 Stratoliner S for my wife and I to ride on long trips. Do I need to mention that if you don't like something on your bike, you can "customize it" to your liking? Anyways, I was a former Harley owner (2007 Dyna Sport Bob) and I'll never buy a Harley again, now that I own these beasts (Yammy, as you call it). Which, by the way, is the gay-est thing I have ever heard from someone. It sounds like your a Honda owner?


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