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Where are the best Auto Insurance Quotes and which questions should I ask myself before buying?

Updated on May 8, 2014

Auto Insurance Quotes

It is a total nightmare to find auto insurance for your car. I know this as it is also a pain in my rear too! Sure I can search high and low online and find some helpful links. I can line the prices up and test, investigate, and weight up the pros and cons. But, I do not know which one IS the best until I pay.

So, where can you start, and what can you do?

The best way I have found is to go by word of mouth. It doesn't need to be only good experiences, sometime, someone can let you know about a terrible dealer or service they have come into contact with and this can help you weed out the bad and allow your list of choices to shrink.

One rule of thumb, for pretty much everything, is that you should never go for the chepeast, unless you have to.

I think it is always wise to go to the bottom and look up two prices on the ladder. Of course, take a look at the website, search online for reviews, and if you can, meet with someone face to face, as, if all goes wrong after buying, this is the face and this is the person you will have to be dealing with. Sure, you can start with the phone. It is always nice to know someone you can speak to, face-to-face.

What questions do you need to ask yourself?

  • Will it just be you driving the car, or will you also be having other drivers on the auto insurance?

This of course is important mainly due to the inclusion of new drivers and most importantly - teenage drivers. Sadly, all teenagers have been label as bad, dangerous or inexperienced drivers, this means, they will force your insurance policy up higher. It might be wise to consider they have a separate policy to you, so that they can work on bringing their "rating" up and thus, yours will remain as it always was.

  • Have you looked into the company you are going to be insured with?

Make sure that you have checked out some reviews of the company - do they have a lot of complaint? are would you class these complaints as serious?

  • Do you know how many miles you drive per year?

It is best to know this as you do not want to say more than you do cover or, you will have to pay more. The more mileage, the more chance.

SOME of the options open you people shopping for auto insurance

With these thoughts in mind, you are now ready to take a look at what is on offer with site such as these below:


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