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Automotive Effects Creating The Perfect Halo-Ring Lighting For Your Ride

Updated on October 29, 2017

What's Up With Custom Vehicle Lighting?

For some people a car is just a way to get from point A to point B. To me a car should be so much more, like the clothes you wear your car can say a lot about you. If you're like me than you want to put your best foot forward. I don't just want to get from point A to put B but to enjoy the journey along the way and stand out from the pack of bland four door sedans and SUVs. One of the best ways to get noticed is with one of a kind after market auto parts. Have you ever been behind a vehicle and noticed a circle of light emanating from around the headlights? This is called a halo-ring and if you ask me it's a great way to get some much deserved attention.

Oracle CCFL Halo Ring
Oracle CCFL Halo Ring

Advantages Of Using CCFL For Halo-Rings

Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lights have been around awhile but are only now gaining in popularity. Many people think of the lights that are used in offices and warehouses but CCFL is actually quite different. They are fluorescent but thanks to advanced technology they are more powerful and smaller than normal fluorescent lighting happens to be. This creates some interesting advantages over other technologies.

Smooth Ring of Light: CCFL technology can create a continuous halo-ring without any sections or visible distinction. This is because unlike LED lights CCFL is one light that makes up the entire halo-ring not separate lights stringed together to create the illusion of one continues light.

Because of the age of the technology prices for CCFL are generally lower than other headlight options available on the market. CCFL is quite long lasting as well it is estimated that the average CCFL can have a lifetime of 50,000 hours, quite impressive. Although still an excellent choice for vehicle lighting there is one area where CCFL falls behind the competition. Unlike LED or Plasma technology fluorescent bulbs aren't quite as powerful meaning they won't be as bright as the other choices out there.

LED Lighting Effect
LED Lighting Effect

Advantages Of LED Lighting For Halo-Rings

The technology for LED lights have been available for over a century only now though has its many advantages been recognized. In fact LED lighting is taking over much of the market due to its cost effectiveness. Now it can be found in many homes and is becoming the go to choice for HDTVs. It also offers some unique advantages as a choice for your vehicle's halo-ring.

Multiple Colors: Since an LED halo-ring will be made up of many tiny LED lights it is the only option that can allow for multiple colors. The diodes can change color on demand and with ColorSHIFT or Dual-Color LEDs your halo-ring can become an impressive light show. This will give your headlights a very distinctive look even when compared to other customized vehicles. It must be mentioned though that some states have regulations that don't allow for such modifications.

Brightness: In the early days of LEDs one of the issues was that they weren't very bright. However, with new advances the diodes are now brighter than ever. You'll find that the LEDs shine brightly even during the day.

Remote Control: Since LEDs can come in many different colors that means that they can also be controlled with one hand y remote. You can also get a wireless remote so you can put on a show from outside the vehicle. Even better yet you can get a sound activated remote and let your sound system control the lights.

LED lights last a little bit longer than CCFL but not quite as long as Plasma. An average life span could be up to 60,000 hours, more than many will even spend in their vehicle. If there is a downside to LEDsit is that they aren't a real conitnuous stream of light but are actually tiny distinct lights strung together. All in all though it is only noticeable on close inspection from a distance it still appears to be a solid ring of light around the headlamps and car.

Advantages Of Plasma Lighting For Halo-Rings

Out the three choices available for halo-rings Plasma is the newest and most advanced technology. Combining the features of both LEDs and CCFLs many consider Plasma lighting to be the best all around lighting solution. Plasma rings provide bright light with stunning color and clarity.

Longevity: Plasma lights double the durability of CCFLs lasting up to 100,000 hours of use. That's more than many people will actually spend in their car!

Brightness: Plasma can easily be seen during bright sunlight and can look incredibly brilliant at night. The color is bright clear and stunning.

Due to the newness of the Plasma technology there is one problem that you may find. That is being able to find that exact color to match your style. Right now Plasma lighting is only available in the most basic colors. So if you're looking for a one of a kind custom color you may have to look elsewhere.

How To Install Halo Light Rings

Thought about hooking up your ride with Halo lights but you're unsure of how you can do it yourself? No problem just do like I do before I start any project, check youtube! You can literally find a tutorial for just about anything on there. Here are a few that will show you how easy it is to install your own halo ring. Note: instructions will vary due to the make and model of your particular car.

Quick Comparison Of Features

Brightness: If you're looking for extra bright lighting than Plasma or LED is a very good choice with CCFL coming in third.

Durability: While all the choice are quite durable and long lasting Plasma stands out from the rest at 100,000 hours of life. LEDs and CCFL come in second and third respectively.

Cost Factor: CCFL is the most affordable option with LEDs and Plasma trailing behind.

Showmanship: When it comes to really putting on a show LEDs take the prize with the most options for customizing colors and the ability to put on a show with various remotes.

More Info On Car Customization

There are many options when it comes to customizing your car it tends to get a little confusing. It vital that you do your research. I'd hate to spend a ton of time and money on my car to end up with results that aren't up to par or simply isn't the style I really wanted. Below are some great resources to check out before doing any projects:

Have you customized your car's lighting? How do you feel about the different choices? If money were no issue what would your dream car be?

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