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Automotive Fire Extinguishers

Updated on April 9, 2013

Fire Extinguishers for Cars

Not too many people think about investing in automotive fire extinguishers when they own a car, but I feel that every conscientious motorist should have an automotive fire extinguisher in his car. I think when we have a car, we don't sometimes think of some of the bad things that can happen while on the road, but the thing is they can happen.

We pray and hope that our cars don't get caught on fire, but it can happen. If it were to happen, then the question is, ''are we prepared to deal with it?''

I know the importance of having a fire extinguisher in your car which is why I want to share with you some of the best top rated fire extinguishers for cars that I have found on the market, take a look to see which one might be of interest to you. In a hurry? See the fire extinguishers for cars on here.

Kidde Fire Extinguisher FA110

Best Car Fire Extinguisher

The Kidde Fire Extinguisher FA110 is one of the best car fire extinguishers that you will find on the market today. This is a multi purpose fire extinguisher. You can use it for pretty much everything, your home, your car, etc...

You will feel safe having this fire extinguisher in your car knowing that if there were to be a fire, you would be protected. This fire extinguisher is of good quality.

It comes with detailed instructions. it is easy to see the extinguisher's charge level as the gauge level is easy to read. The safety pin is easy to read. It has good corrosion protection and it is coast guard DOT approved.

Vehicle Fire Extinguishers

Advantages of Having a Fire Extinguishers in Your Car

You never know when you might find yourself in a situation where you might need to use a vehicle fire extinguisher. This is one of those situations that it is better to be safe than to be sorry.

I wouldn't want to have my engine caught on fire and not have a way to stop it. You can have a fire extinguisher in your car for years and have no need to use it, but one day you may find yourself needing to use it or a fellow motorist might need to use one.

Find Car Fire Extinguisher Holders at Amazon

You will find below fire extinguisher holders to go with the fire extinguishers for your cars.

Fire Extinguisher Cars

Fire Extinguishers for Your Cars

I have included below some more fire extinguishers for your cars that are all top rated by customers at Amazon. These automobile fire extinguishers will do a good job at getting rid of the fire in your car.

Every driver should definitely have one of these in their cars. this is something that you hope you will never have to use, but if you needed to use one, you would be prepared.

Kidde 21005779 Pro 210 Fire Extinguisher

First Alert Auto Fire Extinguisher

Kidde Multi Purpose Fire Extinguisher

Fire Gone White/Red Fire Extinguisher

Auto Fire Extinguisher First Alert

Automotive Fire Extingiusher

This automotive fire extinguisher from First Alert is very practical. This product comes with a 5 year warranty.

It comes with a mount unit bracket to place the fire extinguisher. The instructions are easy to read. It is UL Rated 5-B:C. This fire extinguisher will do a great job at getting rid of the fire in your car if it were to be caught on fire.

Let's hope that you will never need to use it, but if one day you find yourself needing to use a car fire extinguisher, then it will definitely worth having it in your car.

Car Fire Extinguisher Video

Do You Have a Fire Extinguisher in Your Car?

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    • Daniel Golvet profile image

      Daniel Golvet 4 years ago

      @smoothielover lm: I agree with you.

    • smoothielover lm profile image

      smoothielover lm 4 years ago

      Yes but this is a purchase that you hope never to need to use

    • profile image

      Thamisgith 4 years ago

      Yes, I always keep a fire extinguisher in my car. A couple of decades ago, I had to sit in my car with the pedals trapping my ankles after a very bad smash. It took the rescue services about an hour to get me out. I was very lucky that there was no fire and since then I make sure that I always have an extinguisher with me.