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Automotive Gauges

Updated on February 13, 2015

Custom Automotive Gauges: A Hot Trend

Automotive customization has been a market sector growing exponentially with no signs of slowing. Trade conventions such as SEMA – the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association – act as a showcase for everything custom that can be done to a vehicle including, in no small part, often overlooked items such as gauges. When one thinks of “automotive gauges,” it normally does not conjure up visions of sexy, eye-catching elements, yet an entire market exists for catering to the hardcore enthusiast looking to go that extra mile with his or her car – and, especially in the “tuner” world, custom car gauges is where it’s at.

Custom Car Gauges
Custom Car Gauges

Manufacturers of Automotive Gauges...

At the forefront of this car culture phenomenon is Aurora Instruments, offering everything from fuel level gauges to speedometers and seemingly everything in between, in mind-boggling configurations limited only by a customer’s imagination. Call it what you will: Automotive gauges, custom gauges…if it’s a project that requires vital automotive statistics at a glance, Aurora carries it. The Designer Gauges category is populated with a selection of layouts and arrangements from the classic to the exotic, with such faces as the All-American Tan, All-American White, American Classic Black, American Classic Gold, Aurora Standard, Carbon Fiber, Carbon Fiber Blue, Carbon Fiber Red, Carbon Fiber Green, Carbon Fiber White, Carbon Fiber Yellow, Cobra Black, Cobra Blue, Cobra Brown, Cobra Grey, Cobra Red, Competition Black, Competition Black and Red, Competition Blue, Competition Grey, Competition White and many more.

Beyond the nearly infinite myriad of designer gauges in the catalog, Aurora also offers gauge accessories such as bezels, cups and pods, face kits, style kits, metal faces, needles, sending units and sensors and trim rings.

Often considered one of the most important elements of what is actually looked at from a driver’s perspective – as well as being called “the mirror of the car’s soul” – the instrument panel portrays a good deal of information to the individual behind the steering wheel. Taking this philosophy a step further, automotive enthusiasts seeking custom car gauges visualize their rides with tricked-out, highly stylized dashboards to match their equally extroverted exteriors. Manufacturers such as US Speedo also offers such products to this crowd with items such as the Aqua Edition Gauge Face Kit, the Daytona Edition Gauge, the Escalade Edition Gauge, the Stainless Steel Gauge, the Stealth Edition Gauge as well as a Speedometer Needle Kit and even Speedometer LED Bulb Kits.

Custom Car Gauges
Custom Car Gauges

Exotic, Classic or Hot Rod

Another reason many are turning to custom car gauges in their rides is to make their otherwise ordinary dash readouts more legible – a number of “stock” dash indicators are often dark and murky in visceral output, but with custom gauges, the ordinary can be turned into a vibrant, neon-esque red or blue or even brushed stainless statement. Further, aftermarket gauges are easy to read day or night.

Looking for an even more exotic kick? Consider actinic white indiglo backlighting – as opposed to the often dim, yellow “OEM” output on many of today’s vehicles – or lights that even change color on a whim. A plethora of catalog-oriented firms such as Aurora Gauges offer a wide selection of gauges that allow one’s car to become an extension of his or her personality.

In the end, custom automotive gauges fall into the melting pot of what makes all other customization products so appealing to the hardcore gearhead: The chance to make a ride truly unique.

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      EnthoPharma 4 years ago

      Like this lens very much. Didn't quite realize the combinations one could have made when it comes to custom car gauges. Thanks.