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Automotive leather care - protection from water

Updated on October 10, 2011
Car seat cover
Car seat cover | Source

Car interior care

Mostly we like to take care or give appealing look by selecting the color and design of car. Besides we take care our car by washing and using all type of techniques to maintain the outer look. When we talk about car interior care, our eyes mainly focus on dashboard and making it shine . And like to add fragrance for comfort traveling.Everything is necessary for car interiors.

The seat cover are most important thing which needs to be taken care. Comparing to earlier , the leather car seat covers comes with shining. This is due to vinyl coating. Not only that, vinyl coating will avoid more water absorption by leather, which is common in leather.

Leather has special properties like wood. Warm in winter and cool in summer. With high tensile strength, it act as good heat insulation.So, Maintaining the automotive leather is important.

Why should we take care of automotive leather ?

The following reasons are enough to explain this.

1. Liquid items like milk , coffee or tea spillage on leather car cover.

2. oil , cream from the hair make the car cover dirty.

3. Body lotion or moisturizing cream sticking to the leather cover.

4. Food items spillage makes the car cover dirty.

5. Prolonged UV rays falling on  cover.

How to take care automotive leather

1. If you decided to clean the leather cover , use water spray and wipe it out. Don't use excessive water. May be your leather cover lost its vinyl coating and by adding more water, you make the leather to absorb more water making uncomfort.

2. Don't use any soap or detergent. Because most of the soaps and detergents contains alkalies, which reacts with leather make lose the shining and flexibility.

3. If you want to use recommended conditioner for leather cover , try with small piece of leather and check for the effect and go for it. Even if it is branded one. Otherwise opt for recommended conditioner by car manufacturer.

4. Use soft brush while dealing with dirt or stain in leather cover. This will avoid unnecessary damage to the leather cover.

5. Try to avoid sharp objects in pockets when dealing the car leather cover cleaning to avoid unavoidable piercing of materials and tearing of seat cover.

6. Use the soft cloth to avoid any rubbing .


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