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Best 150cc Indian Bike in Rs 50000 to Rs 70000 Price

Updated on December 14, 2015

Friends, today we will do a comparison of seven Indian bikes among the most popular and growing 150cc segment of bikes. You can call it a review of the best Indian motorcycles of 2011; of the top all-around 150cc motorcycles between 50K and 70K; or a review and comparison of Honda Hunk vs. Unicorn vs. CBZ vs. FZ vs. Pulsar 150 vs. TVS Apache vs. Suzuki GS, whatever you want. We cannot include Yamaha R15 in this bike review as it is far more expensive, costing more than rupees 1 lakh, so we will include the above mentioned bikes, namely:

  1. Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler launched in May 2010
  2. Hero Honda Hunk
  3. Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme
  4. Yamaha FZ 16/FZ-S
  5. Bajaj Pulsar 150
  6. Suzuki GS 150 R
  7. TVS Apache RTR (not the fuel injected one, to be fair)

I will rate all these bikes on various parameters like power, acceleration, fuel efficiency, comfort, handling, braking, maintenance, engine smoothness, ability to rev high, high-speed stability, mile-munching ability, resale value, brand value, etc. So here is the review. Vroooom!

Hero Honda Hunk New Model 2011
Hero Honda Hunk New Model 2011 | Source
Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme Bike
Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme Bike

Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler

Positives: Handling, stability, monoshock suspension, commuter-friendly seating, good for long nonstop highway cruising due to long gearing a very relaxed highway cruiser, rear disc brake, smoothest engine in any category at any RPM, free revving engine, Honda brand image, best fuel efficiency, and good resale value.

Negatives: Little power upgrade; high gear ratio (not so good for city), though having good torque it manages to keep up with other 150ccs; only four color options.

Hero Honda Hunk

Positives: Handling, comfort (gas charged shocks), high speed stability, high revving engine, great pick-up due to shorter gearing (second only to Apache RTR), Hero Honda brand image, largest service network, and very good resale value.

Negatives: Due to short gearing, top speed not the best, gets really harsh at red line, no digital gauges yet.

Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme

Positives: All the positives of Hunk, except gas shocks and 0.1 second slower in 0-60, LED taillight treatment, and the best look from rear.

Negatives: Again all the same as for the Hunk.

Yamaha FZ16 Bike Review
Yamaha FZ16 Bike Review | Source
Bajaj Pulsar 150cc dtsi
Bajaj Pulsar 150cc dtsi | Source
Suzuki GS150 R
Suzuki GS150 R | Source
TVS Apache RTR 160
TVS Apache RTR 160 | Source

Yamaha FZ16/FZ-S

Positives: Monoshock suspension, great handling, widest rear tire so best grip, good low-end torque, and excellent stability.

Negatives: Harsh at top of the power band, no edge in power compared to rivals, price is a bit high considering competition matches it now on almost all parameters, fuel efficiency.

Bajaj Pulsar 150

Positives: One of the cheapest 150cc bike in India to buy, good comfort (gas shocks), DTS-i tech for low end torque.

Negatives: Looks outdated now, handling, high-speed stability, too soft suspension not good for aggressive riding, engine harsh most at red line, too common on roads, good at everything, excels at nothing, competition offers everything better at a negligible price hike.

Suzuki GS150 R

Positives: Smooth engine, 6th overdrive gear. That’s it.

Negatives: Again like Bajaj, does everything good but nothing excellent, poor service network, too simple in style.

TVS Apache RTR 160

Positives: Hooligan to drive, excellent dynamics, most flickable in city, most powerful engine, quickest and fastest.

Negatives: Though it has gas charged shocks, the ride is the most bouncy and uncomfortable tires, not great in handling all that power (TVS), engine harsh at red line, drinks fuel like it is available at Rs. 10/ltr.; due to aggressive weight forward seating posture, not good for long highway cruises and causes a lot of aches in wrists over a long drive.

Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler Rear Pic
Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler Rear Pic | Source
Japanese on hot Indian bikes with hot Indian girls - Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler Hot Pic
Japanese on hot Indian bikes with hot Indian girls - Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler Hot Pic

CBZ Xtreme loses because Hunk does it all whatever it does and has gas shocks too, so nothing so special, except that LED tail treatment.

Yamaha FZ loses because although it's good on handling, grip and power, today's competition offers it all and is better priced too. It sips fuel as it is 180cc and delivers performance, which is good but it is not the most powerful 150cc, though it is most expensive.

Bajaj and TVS lose the battle even without fighting as competition is better in every aspect, be it looks, performance, fuel efficiency, dynamics, stability, brand value or simply any parameter you want to apply, these both need serious upgradation.

So overall if we boil down all the positives and negatives of all the bikes, it comes down to Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler, Hunk and Apache RTR as the top three final contenders. Among the top three, each one has its own appeal. So buy any one of these and you will not be disappointed.

But for me, the winners come in this arrangement:

No. 3: TVS Apache RTR: It has great performance and handling but is marred by its tires, poor fuel efficiency, and poor long-distance driving ability.

No. 2: Hero Honda Hunk: It loses to Apache in Performance but by a fraction of second only. It does everything else better, be it handling, dynamics, comfort, or comfort with long drives. It has better brand and resale value too but loses out to the winner in terms of refinement, smoothness, and by having analogue instruments.

No 1: Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler: It may not have the edge in performance, but it manages to keep up with the top performers and is not far behind, and does everything else even better. It's the first bike in India to have monoshocks, it has one of the finest handling and stability packages, now has disc brakes in the rear too for added braking power. Nothing can match the butter smoothness of this Honda bike, which revs freely and very high and remains vibe free throughout its rev range. It now has digital instruments, is the most frugal on fuel, now looks even better with new styling, is priced at par with the other two contenders, has famous Honda wing brand and it does it all in the most fuss-free manner. My money would be on the Unicorn considering that excepting performance (that too it is not far behind), it does any and everything better than the others. The Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler is the new champ in 150cc class. Now I need some comments about whether you agree or not.


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    • profile image

      Akshay Jain 22 months ago

      Dazzler is best due to stability and power being a mechanical engineer i must say that honda dazzler is one of the best bike in the history of honda in 150cc sagment its just amayzing that after using 4 years its maintinance cost is as cheap as a new bike its amayzingly durable and powerful but the only disadvantage is if you meet with a mint accident it is too mich difficult to find the plastic as well as other parts of this bike

      This is the only disadvantage which i found in this bile i m using dazzler since 2012 and its performance is better then other bikes of 150cc sagment of that time

    • soni2006 profile image

      Rajinder Soni 2 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Thanks a lot for your comments.

    • profile image

      AAKASH 3 years ago

      Hey please tell me which bike I buy for lifetime . And milage between 72kmpl because I am a busy man .

    • profile image

      Hrishikesh Bhalsing 3 years ago

      Yes Honda Unicorn Dazzler is best there is no doubt about it...

      Its best in class with everything.

      Im loving it

    • profile image

      online bike showroom 3 years ago

      One can see all indian motorcyle at

    • profile image

      AKHILESH 4 years ago

      150 cc Best bikes in india are-

      1- For fuel efficiency users- Pulsar, Unicorn, HH CBZ xtreme and Hunk.

      2- For Power and speed users- Yamaha Fz, Apache, GS150R and Trigger.

      Yamaha Fz and Trigger is for youth purpose and Apache is good city rider bike and Gs150R is for speed with presence of 6 th gear for hassle free highway ride. these all bikes are power and speed conscious user without any worry about mileage.

      Hero Honda CBZ xtreme/ hunk is for city and highway with overall 45- 50Kmpl average. Unicorn is for slow smooth rider (not CRUSE) with best 58 Kmpl in city and highway and last Pulsar "king of 150 cc bikes" best value performer product of reliable bajaj needs an improvement and new face to maintain No1 position with 50 Kmpl city and highway rider. All 3 are most fuel efficient bikes till now.

    • profile image

      pravin 4 years ago

      CBZ is best best & best........

    • profile image

      James 4 years ago


    • profile image

      GAURAV 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Shashank 5 years ago

      thanks a ton man for your amazing was very helpful for me. I am planning to buy a bike next week. And I am convinced by your article. Will take a test drive of dazzler soon.

    • profile image

      Richie Chacko 5 years ago

      I am a proud owner of a Hero Honda CBZ extreme 2011 model, for the last 1 year and 8 months +, i am better than satisfied with my this bike, i have used it in urban roads and roads " that you will never ever call a road",but it has never cheated me! it is class in looks, performance wise it is best in class, maintenance wise not so expensive, Hero is givin good service to their costumers, talking about mileage, iam gettin 48+ in city ride, highway not checked but it will be definitely better. the only extra fitting i did on my bike is a pair of Roots Windstone Horn, and i am ready to go!! thumbs up for CBZ extreme !

    • profile image

      chinmay 5 years ago

      can u give suggestions about upcoming honda CB Trigger

    • profile image

      varun 5 years ago

      hey guys i want a 150cc bike for long tours plz suggest me some bikes.....

    • soni2006 profile image

      Rajinder Soni 5 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Thanks for your valuable input Deepak and taking the conversation further.

    • profile image

      Deepak Raj 5 years ago

      I own a hunk for 1 1/2 years, I also have old CBZ, i don't want to say much about him, every one knows. HUNK!! the real masculine beast!! really u feel like a king of the road, i want a best 150 cc bike, which should not be common, but must have some goodwill & image in its segment, so it must be HHH. CBZ & HUNK are two brothers of HERO motocorp, if some one not satisfied with CBZ, please don't go with out seeing this beast. Every body follows the HUNK!!

    • profile image

      Jay 5 years ago

      nice one

    • soni2006 profile image

      Rajinder Soni 5 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Thanks a lot for your comments friends.

    • profile image

      Virad 5 years ago

      Hii Soni this review is very helpful,as i was going to buy gs150r but after reading your review i am really impressed with unicorn dazzler n i am going to buy dazzler for sure.Thanks.

      regards Virad

    • profile image

      Ananya 5 years ago

      Honda cb unicorn dazzler rocks!!

    • profile image

      speedbanxxx 5 years ago

      hey guys let me suggest u:

      don't listen other, listen to ur heart 1st n make a list, then only gather info about bikes... consider giving priority to hero/honda/yamaha those bajaj tvs n other stuffs are not long lasting they are like chinese stuff cheap and tempo..

      my list

      1. impulse

      2. cbz xtreme/hunk

      3. unicorn/dazzler

      4. fz

    • profile image

      Deepak 5 years ago

      This bike(Honda DAZZY) is only for the Matured Biker .

      You should not compared this bike with TVS and Bajaj Bike,those are far behind Japanese players like Honda/Yamaha/Suzuki and off course Kawasaki (After all you can't simply ignore their experience and skill on making world class bike).

      I agree Bajaj and TVS bikes rules the Indian road but Japanese bike makers rules the world ,Indian bike makers need 15-20 years at least to reach their current level.

      Coming to my own experience :

      Two months back i bought my Dazzy though i was interested for CB Unicorn for its reliability but for long waiting period i opted dazzy(though i was not really satisfied with its looks and lack of kick start).

      But after 2 months i realized that i made a right decision for taking this bike coz after every servicing engine is getting smoother and smoother .About mileage, you wont imagine i was getting 45-48kmpl in city before 1st servicing .

      Guys for you information i decided to take this bike from Honda coz since 1995 i am riding bikes and not a youngster anymore.

      So take matured decision and go for this bike , you wont regret for this.

      TVS and Bajaj bikes are like road side fast food , looks good even taste good too , but once you have it its very difficult to digest coz of cheap food color and cheap spices .

      So choice is yours .

      Have a Enjoyble and safe Drive !!

    • profile image

      Kushal 5 years ago

      a lot of bikes pros, cons and ad....just get CB Unicorn (only CB Unicorn), u won't regret it later.

    • profile image

      ramasamy 5 years ago

      Please say something about Yamaha Fazer 150cc

    • profile image

      Samee 5 years ago

      I bought a Yamaha Fz s bike last December. First sessions during the services during the services, I drived in 40kmph. Normal speed. But after 3rd service, I tried to ride in high speed. So there was a vibrate when the speed is crossing 56 - 57 kmph. Then again it is ok. But when I reach to 70 kmph its again vibrating continuously. Can't ride more speed. I'm suffering with this problem. Please if you have a solution tell me. Thanks!

    • profile image

      praveen 5 years ago

      hallo i,m chozing 150cc best milese bike so plz good suggestion tell me i will purchesing after one month 150cc bike hill & plan purpose i,m wating for good sugges

    • profile image

      Chetan 6 years ago

      I have hunk n pulsar both r gud bikes....but my pulsar 220 is the most gud bike.and in 150 cc hunk is the best bike... Everyone fallowes the hunk....

    • profile image

      ANANDH 6 years ago


    • profile image

      vishal shah gupta 6 years ago

      Pulsar 150cc is a rockstar bike with all enjoyment in it

    • profile image

      sanu 6 years ago

      dazzler is the best bike for its fuel efficiency.

    • profile image

      junaid 6 years ago

      unicorn may gud but dazler nt gud

    • profile image

      bala 6 years ago

      hi guys, give me a sugg.

      i like to bye a new bike (first time)

      my options are.

      1. honda stunner cbf

      2. hero cbz xtreme

      3. pulsar 150cc

      which one is best.

    • profile image

      vishwajeet 6 years ago

      give iike dea for 150 cc bike

    • profile image

      sanu 6 years ago

      hunk is the best bike

    • profile image

      Venkatesh Prabhu 6 years ago

      Suzuki GS150 R is the best 150 CC segment. Its the best and believable bike for long rides more than 3 - 5 hours. No shaking at 110 km/hr and good mileage too. Added to that the bike is very heavy in weight so that its making the bike not to vibrate even the less weight guys ride. I accept the service centers are less for Suzuki but the bike is very good in all aspects. Good bike those who cares about technical details about engine and long ride. Thanks, VP.

    • profile image

      Swapnil 6 years ago

      Bajaj Pulsar - too common on the road!! lol ..dude!! this CANNOT be a NEGATIVE point.. Are so many people FOOLS to buy PULSAR?Unicorn dazzler to pulsar ratio on roads would be 1:1000, so don't talk rubbish..

    • profile image

      spiker 6 years ago

      Honda cb unicorn is the best no other choice....

    • profile image

      tejas k 6 years ago

      i think suzuki GS 150R is the best bike in 150cc bikes, this bike is best for riding to top speed, because of 6th gear it does not vibrate like others 150cc bikes at the top.its looks also good, not stylish but suitable like unicorn.good milage, low maintenance,good sitting arrangment. and also suzuki is also good brand image.

      suzuki GS 150R is number 1 bike for performance in 150cc bikes.

    • profile image

      K.K.B. 6 years ago


      1.HH HUNK



      4.YAMAHA SZR

      5.YAMAHA FZS


    • profile image

      K.K.B. 6 years ago

      please please update the review as for 2012 i need that new review

    • soni2006 profile image

      Rajinder Soni 6 years ago from New Delhi, India

      There are a lot of comments from all you guys and gals out there. So you need me to write a new review but you all have done that many times already. I can find several new reviews in the comment box. As for NEW BIKES, I know 2012 has just started and its March, so let more bikes get roll over and I will write another review. Thanks a lot for your such great responses and visits. I am surprised to see so many comments. Bye bye.

    • profile image

      jayesh mishra 6 years ago

      honda unicorn dazzler is d best 150cc bike ever made

    • profile image

      junaid 6 years ago

      AGE BIKE


      17_25 fz16

      20_32 tvs appachi

      21_45 Hunk

      30_65 unicorn

      30-50 pulser 150


      NB:If ur age above 30 plz

      don't go 4 FZ.,its truly for


    • profile image

      Rajat Naik 6 years ago

      all of you just go n fuck guys please follow me u ll be hpy.

      Tips while buying bike

      1.first check out your budget

      2.get the information about miledge

      3.get the information about performance like pick up and top speed and controll a test ride of your selected models the best one which you want

      note:- Don't go with any one all will be saying my is good my is good. Dnt belive people saying vibrations in bike and all. Just take a test drive and if you found vibration and lack of controll or power on road terminate it frm ur list.


    • profile image

      vinoth 6 years ago

      my chioce goes to SUZUKI GS150R

      It may look simple, but performance of the bike is PAKKAA

      good engine sound even after years (25000km)

      comfortable to ride

      mileage is 55+

      guys I have experience with this bike, so i can say this is the best bike for indians

    • profile image

      ARSHAD 6 years ago


    • profile image

      karkera 6 years ago

      New CBZ X-Treme and FZ-S are the best Indian bikes if you're looking for both looks and mileage. source:

    • profile image

      SAN 6 years ago


    • profile image

      vipin 6 years ago

      y d fck evy1 shoutin n proving their bike best ..i am into automobile field and i have all the bikes mentioned in my here it comes ..i own an apache

      Apache- only looks n power

      Dazler-best,all rounder my pic

      Fz-pricy,nt reliable,poor avg

      Hunk n xtreme-overall good bt hunk is btr

      Pulsar-ok ok in all departments ,looks gud..

      I wd say evy1 if looks cn b ignored buy dazzler ..if nt dn hunk ..dnt buy apache(high maintnance,poor avg,low resale,unreliable)

    • profile image

      safz 6 years ago

      hunk is the best in 150cc byks

    • profile image

      bhala rabari 6 years ago

      Pulser. The best bikeilove

    • profile image

      blacky 5 6 years ago

      Theese commentz r really confuzing........... Iam gonna choose FZ..... But is dazzy better????

    • profile image

      sunny 6 years ago

      I use Honda unicorn its engine performance best compare to Pulsar, Apache rtr,CBZ,hero hunk,Suzuki gs,Fz Series,Yamaha R1 .... bcz I ride all above bikes but Honda unicorn feels awesome experience Than dazzler because of its engine quality, no vibration even at 100kmph,good weight,mileage 60-65kmpl at 75kmph,Smooth engine,good re-sale value. But some plp's switch to pulsar bcz they available with in 10-15 days bcz Honda waiting period is long.To get a best bike wait and buy.

    • profile image

      rushab 6 years ago

      my bike is apache

    • profile image

      subrat 6 years ago

      i want to buy yamhah sz-r can any one tell me about this bike

    • profile image

      Ranjithgowda 6 years ago

      Iam looking to buy a bike bt iam totally confused to buy pulser r fz please i need gd style and low maintanance and milage

    • profile image

      Foysal 6 years ago

      Pulsar is the best

    • profile image

      TVSurya 6 years ago

      TVS XL Super is best bike... very stelyes and Good millage.

    • profile image

      yuva 6 years ago

      my vote for fz

    • profile image

      antz 6 years ago

      Fz16 is the best bike for city, so easy to turn and ride, good design and quality. Mileage is 40.

      SZ-R also is good for city riding, nice and light. Has kicker now. Best price.

      Apache and Pulsar are meant to ride fast. If you ride Apache and pulsar in slow traffic, then you need more use of clutch and gear changes. Frequent clutch use results in clutch wear out fast.

      But if you want to ride fast, Apache is best, that too RTR180 is best. Apache can tolerate high speeds and rough riding for long.

      If you ride unicorn in full speed like Apache, then unicorn will become spoiled soon. Unicorn is meant for normal speed. But boring bike, no features, overpriced.

      Hunk/cbz are a bit rough compared to unicorn, but have no kicker now. Pillion seat is too high. Only good thing is rear disk brake.

      Dazzler is light, small and delicate front suspension, but costly. No kicker. Only good thing is rear disk. Again, if you ride dazzler very fast, it will get spoiled soon.

      Gs150r is all rounder, can ride slow in traffic and ride fast on highways. Good strong bike.

    • profile image

      Dinho 6 years ago

      HONDA UNICORN poootile myru bike in india.poooooooooor performance.kunnna weight.real poooori bike in india.myranmar

    • profile image

      manish kumar 6 years ago

      hey guy's it's manish... i wnt a suggestion wth u'' all i am going to buy a bike in this holy which one should i take.......

      1st-- tvs apache rtr hyper-edge 10cc

      2nd-- new hero cbz xtreme 150cc

      3rd-- pulser 150cc

      so'' pls frend's suggest me the best bike in this all thre.. pls comment abut all these three like ----the best thing about this bike..... and a bad thing about this bike...... but persnally i was thinking to buy or i like in looks the tvs apache rtr 160cc bt'' some peoples were telling that it's nt'' good in mielage......i don't want that in farstly i buy a bike and after 1 year or 6 months i would suppose to be think ki ohh why did i take this bike why din't i taken'' frends pls suggest me .. this is my email id---

    • profile image

      humesh khatri 6 years ago

      cb unicorn is full mood to buy if any good bike is there instead of this so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz give a good so i can go 4 it

    • profile image

      Premchuhan331@gm 6 years ago

      Hi good backs to bajaj palsur

    • profile image

      Munavvarkhan 6 years ago

      Dear Alls,

      I appreciate your views of positives, cons, etc. but Just wanted to tell you that Every bike has its own limitations and its own excellency, I am doing lots of research to buy my first bike in 150cc segment, however I am attracting to only dazzy, however i have rode pulsar 150 dtsi, apache, hunk, cbz xtreme, suzuki gs, But it is lacking only in its look, WHICH I CAN SUGGEST YOU THAT IF YOU WANNA SHOW OFF OR WANNA LOOK GREAT ON IT THEN YOU CAN MODIFY IT AS A SPORTY BIKE, second thing that some people say the spare parts of it are very poor and poor service they are getting. SO WANNA GIVE YOU SUGGESTION THAT YOU CAN CHOOSE THE PERFECT PLACE TO GET SERVICING FOR YOUR DAZZY AND IF YOU DO IT REGULARLY YOU WILL GET LOTS OF IMPROVEMENT IN IT viz. mileage, smoothness, etc. So now you can think that if you wanna make worth of your money, think a ton and if you are interested in 150cc then go for this one. The another thing is you should also kept in your mind that if you are electing 150cc bike then you should not think for mileage. So better you should keep one thing in mind that if you are buying any bike then apart from its positives and negatives you should consider your height-body as well. Rest I can tell you is that AAl the best, but think twice thrice putting all things in mind once you select to bike to purchase....... AAl d best ?

    • profile image

      Shuchi Vrat Sharma 6 years ago

      Dear All, I will say Honda Dazzler is the Best product in 2 wheeler sector (150cc segment). I have Honda Unicorn From last five years. Its Design and smoothness (in case of very less noise and vibration)attracted me. If i talk about power i am from hilly area and observed that it is good in power rather then pulsar 150cc It is very good in fuel efficiency in 150cc bike segment.I have rides on Bajaj Pulsar, TVS Apache and hero Honda hunk. These are not comfortable in long running and gives nonadjustable feeling.

      So HONDA is the Best in this range and provides full value of money. Now I am expecting 180cc bike in Honda..........

    • profile image

      Gunasekaran 6 years ago

      recently i owned rtr 180 abs while am on going nearly 110 speed suddenly a women crossed road without watching ,,,,for my luck i switched on my abs and it help me greatly to stop my bike without any damage to me and her....and also i avoided skiding....i love apache....

    • john hayls profile image

      john hayls 6 years ago

      These are very beautiful bikes in different colors. Its running speed is very fast and price is very reasonable.

    • profile image

      Nitesh Sardar 6 years ago

      Want 2 buy honda cb unicorn best 150cc bike ever....!

      pulsar 150cc bike is for kids,

      unicorn, only for gentelmans!

      love u honda again..!

    • profile image

      vikii 6 years ago

      i want to buy a bike plz suggest me a bike dazler or twister

    • avinashrk profile image

      avinashrk 6 years ago from India

      New 2012 pulsar range is launching in march with all new styling and technology. This 100% face-lift of pulsars are expected to unleash on 30th january 2012. Cbz xtreme, fz, dazzler, apache, all other bikes are gone!! lol...

    • profile image

      vivek 6 years ago

      Ya cb unicorn is the best of all..........

    • profile image

      akhil....kerala 6 years ago

      C B Z extreeme is the best 150 cc bike in india. its so confortable,and better milege,power

    • profile image

      Damon 6 years ago

      Why not FAZER guys..

      I think best in looks.. And performance too..

    • profile image

      Venkat 6 years ago

      How can one say FZ is loosing competition.

      In looks, no other bike matches it.

    • profile image

      bapi 6 years ago

      honda cbr 250 is best of my knowledge but rate is higher

      It is BeSt................

    • profile image

      Rahul 6 years ago

      The best bike is Fiero in INDIA

    • profile image

      george 6 years ago

      hh hunk is the best......

      unicorn is also better than dazziler

    • profile image

      siddharth 6 years ago

      pulsar-u cant go wrong with this bike.rightly said something for everyone.totally hi tech in gizmos.but it has to be maintained well for superb performance & mileage.

      dazzler-great engine but looks are very is safest choice among all.jack of all trades.

      apache-if performance is your holy grail better go for 180 else be ready to spend higher amount on servicing.depends on your riding style offcourse.good for show offs.yellow color is the best looking

      hunk-my personal favourite & is the most balanced bike in terms of all criteria.bit heavy so flickability goes for a toss.mileage is in the top order with great looks & reliable engine.

      yamaha fz-looks are real killer but with so many bikes going around it is no longer unique.if you don't have a rich dad or earning in the 30-40k range give it a miss coz u don't want to sulk at petrol you?otherwise beats competition black & blue in every aspect.

      unicorn-better option in dazzy.good for 30+ guys.

      achiever-targetted at rural areas.ordinary looks

      gs150-no idea.looks are great.

      szr-good looking bike with above avg performance at fabulous price.good bike for people in first job.

    • profile image

      honey 6 years ago

      HTC wildfire have a very poor performance and needs more & more maintainense

    • profile image

      Nishant 6 years ago

      Both the FZ and the Dazzler are neck & neck with the RTR following close behind. However these bikes are mostly targeted towards the youth & enthusiasts in the 22-30 age bracket. Hence it goes without saying that pricing plays an important role. The RTR is the least expencive of the lot. If you are looking for cheap thrills & performance is what you seek, head to the nearest TVS showroom. But it has its own little flaws. For instance it isn't very comfortable for long rides and with the engine spinning hard, vibrations can be bothersome.

      The FZ has secured a soft corner in consumer's heart for the way it looks and the way it rides. How I wish it had some extra punch and a more efficient engine. What also goes in favour of the FZ are the additional variants on avail, the FZ-S and the Fazer, but of course for some extra dough.

      Suddenly everybody's focus shifts to the new kid in town, the Dazzler! The extra goodies, features & performance you get in the Dazzler are simply put, worthwhile. It looks snazzier, comes with wider tyres(as compared to older Unicorn), a rear disc & a semi-digital instrument console. All these without losing out on the essential fuel economy part. It might not be the best looking or one with the best performance, but like its sibbling, the Unicorn, the Dazzler proves to be a perfect all rounder, capable of playing various roles depending on a consumer's preference. Not really dazzling, but versatile & appealing enough to win this shootout by a whisker!

    • profile image

      vivek 6 years ago

      among ool these 150cc segments byk pulsar izz above oll.. its very comfortable ride,good pick up, good mileage (more than 45kmpl)..nd moreover it has more market value than any other sporty byk.......cost izz also worthy...

    • profile image

      shafat khan 6 years ago

      best bike is



    • profile image

      Andy 6 years ago

      I want to buy Yamaha FZ 150cc or Honda CBR 150cc. Please kindly tell me where can i find the good price?

    • profile image

      Rahul Prakash 6 years ago

      Best 150 allrounder with value for money goes to SZ-R

      Best 150 allrounder goes to FZ

    • profile image

      Vijay 6 years ago

      i this APACHE RTR 160 is a superb bike for Indian roads, it looks gr8 ...Honda bikes ie Unicorn , Dazzler looks boaring ..Yamaha nees lots of maintainance...

      so for Indian roads Apache is the best :-)

    • profile image

      Rohit 6 years ago

      No1 talks about suzuki gs..its an amazing bike above my opinion hero honda will officially end its technical support from honda in 2013 and after that the services of hero will suffer alot..being a mechanical engineer i am sure that indian tech is far behind then japanese and honda are best option..they have high quality refined engines..and obviously there after sale services are always superb..

      And please don't go for a pulsar or a hunk..

    • profile image

      sam chennai 6 years ago



    • profile image

      rabbi 6 years ago

      i think fz is best than all others bicks in india..

    • profile image

      rajesh katariya ponkh 6 years ago

      i drive yamha r15 new h......... very stelyes bike

    • profile image

      rajesh katariya ponkh 6 years ago

      i drive yamha r15 new h......... very stelyes bike

    • profile image

      rajesh katariya jaipur 6 years ago

      i love r15 is very nice bike

    • profile image

      prabhu 6 years ago

      guys....I'm planning 2 buy a new GS150R white colour bike...what's ur comment...

    • profile image

      Shankar 6 years ago

      Hero Honda is a joint venture of HERO & HONDA which was ended this year. Hero Honda & HONDA both are having their brand image.. but there is no Hero Honda now. lets see whether Hero will reach the butter smoothness of HONDA or not. Bcoz, it is impossible for any Manufacturer in the India to get the butter smoothness of HONDA..

      When it comes to engine & performance.

      HONDA is the champion of all the time.

    • profile image

      sachin mumbai 6 years ago

      hi chandan, don't think too much go for unicorn you will be very happy, trust me!

    • profile image

      chandan 6 years ago

      I m confuuuu pulser or honda unicorn

    • profile image

      sreekanth 6 years ago

      with out kick start and plastic speedometer (LOOKS) how dazzler can be no.1 . In other aspects rest of the bikes are almost same except resale value. Even if a I am owning dazzler and I am satisfied with it.

    • profile image

      Mahesh 6 years ago

      Hey, I am planning to buy Dazzy..Does it has any serious negative? (apart from looks). Does electric start won't give problem when exposed to rain? How is mono suspension. I heard spares are not upto quality? plz help me to decide..

    • profile image

      Shamsu 6 years ago

      I think bajaj ct100 is most wonderful bike in the world

      it looks super for youth

    • profile image

      Bhagwat 6 years ago

      Suzuki gs150 it is best bike in this range because its milage, performance is very good,is accelaration is smooth never vibrate in 100kmp speed, we are purchasing these bikes those people used most off do self survey and then compare

    • profile image

      anoop 6 years ago

      my pulsar 150 UG 4.5 jus givin mei 67km/ltr !!!! nw dtz awsom na !!!


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