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Best Automotive Timing Lights

Updated on February 26, 2013

Best Timing Lights and how to use them

Timing lights are a fundamental tool in the automotive workshop, without successful and accurate ignition no engine can perform properly and anyone who is considering maintaining their own car, motorbike or boat engine should be without one. As you will see from this page and the videos I have included they are incredibly easy to use and even a novice will have little trouble become quickly at ease with their operation and also learn a lot about the fundamentals of engine tuning.

Equus 5568 Pro-Timing Light with Tool Case
Equus 5568 Pro-Timing Light with Tool Case

What is a timing light?

and why might you need one

A timing light is a device that allows you to see when engine ingnition is taking place in relation to the position of the piston (normally the first piston in an engine block).

Why is this important?

Peak engine power and efficiency are critically related to timing of the ignition, if the spark plug fires too soon or too late (too advanced or retarded) your engine will not be running as effectively as it could, it may even not run at all or if it does then wear and fuel use could be increased along with emissions.

This is a great video showing all aspects of engine timing and adjustment.

Actron Timing Lights

Actron make some of the highest rated timing lights, they vary in features with the top of the range 7529 including a RPM/Tachometer read-out, strobe and advance.

How to use the Actron Timing Lights

Nice quick overview of how the Actron Range of Timing Lights works

Useful Ignition Timing Terminology

Ignition - When the spark plug fires

TDC - Top Dead Centre - the point when the piston stops moving upwards and then begins it's downward path

Ignition timing - Number of degrees before TDC

Ignition Advance - setting the spark/ignition point further (earlier) from TDC

Ignition Retard - setting the spark/ignition point closer to TDC

Equus 5568 Pro-Timing Light with Tool Case

This is the top rated timing light from Equus, with fantastic reviews such as "executes all functions flawlessly", comes with a nice storage case to protect your investment, 6 foot detatchable leads with an inductive pickup and a handguard to provide protection, all in all a great tool or gift for the auto mechanic.

Timing lights on eBay - auctions ending soon

Amazon isn't the only place to buy automotive tools and equipment, nor is your local automotive store. If you know what you are looking for, want to buy an expensive pro-tool in a pre-used state or just browse the various different options then eBay is great place to look!

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Search Amazon for Timing Lights - and other Automotive Accessories

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