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The Best Car Wax for Detailing - 3M Show Car Paste Wax

Updated on July 22, 2014

Who Makes The Best Car Wax?

Are you looking for The Very Best Car Wax for Detailing? I'm not talking about your average every day good car wax. I'm talking about a high gloss automotive paste wax that will blow your socks off! If so, your about to find out who makes the best wax for your money available for cars...

You would think that any old car wax would be fine for your car. And for the most part, you would be right. It is better to use a cheap car wax to protect your vehicle, than nothing at all. But when I wax my truck, I want a deep, clean, high gloss wax and shine. That is why I went on a mission to find out who makes the very best car wax compound.

Most wax brands claim to be the best ever made, but this obviously can not be true. And just like in any competition, there is always "Trash Talk" between the competitors. "Your wax is so dull, your mama uses it to remover her mustache"

I wanted to cut through the hype and find out once and for all who's car wax did the best job of protecting my paint from bugs, road grime, pollen, and sand, while giving it the deep high-gloss and durability I demand.

Well my friend, the gig is up. I am about to blow the doors off this puppy and expose to the world one of the best kept detailing secret ever held. You are about to find out who makes the best car wax in the world for car waxing! Why it is so good, and where you can get it...


Car Show Wax

Like most people, the first thing I did was check out Consumer Reports car wax ratings to see the number 1 rated car wax on the market. This is a good start, and for the most part, the information they give is accurate and trustworthy. The thing is, I have tried just about all the auto wax brands they had listed, yet none of them gave me the glaze I was looking for.

I love to attend car, boat, and RV shows and every once in a while I will see a perfectly polished vehicle. It is a shine so deep and reflective I just want to hug it. I know that sounds a bit twisted, but hey, we all have our own little quirks and fetishes.

If the owner of the vehicle is standing near by, I like to ask them what type of wax or polish they use to get it to such a perfect shine. But all they want to do is yell at me and say, "Stop rubbing up on my car like that"!

No need to get angry. If you don't want to tell me what type of wax you use, just say so.

I'm just kidding of course. I don't do that kind of stuff when people can see me. But, I have tried to find out what type of wax the pro's use for years, and for the most part, they are reluctant to give up their secrets.

True car shows have a bit of a competition to them. Having a great shine on your vehicle can really help you score points with the judges. So the drivers who have the best shine on their vehicle do their best to keep how they got it that way a secret. They do not want others to out perform them.

When I ask them what type of polish they use, they normally tell me it is a "commercial" wax, or that it is simply a carnauba wax that you can get at the store. I have even had one guy tell me, "It is a Top Secret wax. If I told you what it was, I would have to kill you".

Fortunately, I found out what type of wax he and others use to get the perfect shine and I lived to tell you about it.

By the way, the top secret wax I am talking about wasn't even tested or reviewed by Consumer Reports. Go figure.

3M 39526 Perfect-It Show Car Paste Wax Ultra High Gloss
3M 39526 Perfect-It Show Car Paste Wax Ultra High Gloss

The Best Car Wax

It was a simple stroke of dumb luck that helped me discover the perfect car wax. I was at one of the shows I like to go to and I came across a guy who was polishing out a few fingerprints someone made on his hood. As he did that, I was telling him how nice his car looked and that the wax job on it was awesome.

Other than a simple "Thanks", he pretty much ignored me. Seeing that his mind was focused on other issues, I thought I could ask him what type of wax he used and get an honest answer. That tactic didn't work. He straight up lied to me and said that he used Mother's wax.

I have used Mother's before, and even though it is a good wax, it doesn't shine like that. Thinking that my search was not over, I turned to walk past his car when I looked into his side window and spotted a can of wax that was laying on the back seat. He must have uncovered it when he took the buffer rag out to wipe off the fingerprints.

It was a black can with a yellow stripe on it made by 3M. (That sure didn't look like Mother's wax to me.) I was so thrilled to find out his little secret, I didn't even bother to lick my fingers and run them down the center of his trunk for the lie he told.

3M 39526 Perfect-It Show Car Paste Wax Ultra High Gloss
3M 39526 Perfect-It Show Car Paste Wax Ultra High Gloss

Hard To Find Wax

Talk about a hard to find wax. I went from part store to part store searching for 3M 39526 Perfect-It Show Car Paste Wax Ultra High Gloss, but no-one had it. They all had the 3M products, but it wasn't in the black can with a yellow stripe.

You would think that a wax that makes such a deep, reflective shine and is used by the pro's, would be easy to find. But it's not.

I finally ended up at NAPA and the guy behind the counter told me that he could special order it for me. I was tired of hunting this stuff down, so I went ahead and special ordered it from him and resigned to chill out for the next three days.

Three days later, he didn't call me. Then again, he didn't have to. I was at his store at two in the afternoon asking to pick up my order. He told me that the shipment had just come in, but he hadn't had a chance to go through it yet.

Sure enough, when he got a quick break, he went back and rummaged through a couple of boxes and found what I was looking for.

It wasn't cheap, but it wasn't the most expensive car wax in the world either. After paying for it, I was on my way home in a hurry to try this stuff out.

The First Application

When I got this stuff home, I couldn't wait to crack it open. When I did, I could tell right off the bat that this stuff was different than any other paste wax I have ever used. Unlike other waxes, this one is a light cream color that looks almost clear. Plus it has a very nice vanilla scent, but that is neither here nor there.

My black Blazer was to be the test subject. Not only did I want to see how this wax did on black paint, it was the only vehicle I had washed in the last couple of days. Not to mention, it desperately needed it.

This stuff went on easy and it didn't take much to go a long way. Though it is not a quick wax to apply.

Of course I did the hood first. And I only did half before I hand buffed it out. Even with my hand rag I could get a nice swirl going, but I am not into swirls so I smoothed them out and stepped back to take a look.

I could not believe the difference made by just one coat of this stuff. It made that paint job pop like it had never popped before. I could tell that this is the best wax for black paint that I had ever seen. It was deep and had a very high gloss. Plus it gave it a bit of a wet look that I have never been able to get with any other wax.

After that, I was so excited, I went ahead and applied it to the rest of the truck before buffing it clear. I know, that isn't how you should do it, but I did, and it turned out great!

Talk about longevity! That one application lasted the whole summer. Being that I live down here in the hot Florida sun and I used this stuff on the blackest of black paint, that is no easy task. This has got to be the very best car wax for black vehicles I have ever found.

If you want a great shine on your car, you have to use the world's best car wax and polish. I can not tell you enough how you really need to get this stuff and give it a try. In my opinion this stuff is truly best car wax money can buy.

What is Your Favorite Car Wax?

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