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Best Mig Welder For Auto Body

Updated on June 15, 2013

What's The Best Mig Welder for Auto Body Work?

So you are a budding auto enthusiast who has moved in to the arena of wishing to carry out your own body work but need to know what the best Mig welder for auto body work is.

Well not to confuse you but today you will get two answers on this question. The first will talk about the actual type of welder required and the second will show you specific welders that which may be the best Mig welders for auto body work in their class.

Wire Feed Mig Welder
Wire Feed Mig Welder

Mig Welder Types!

Firstly there are different types of Mig welders so you need to know which type of Mig welder to get. The answer to this question is fairly simple for those in the know. The type of Mig welder you want is a small Mig welder, this doesn’t mean it is just small in size, it actually means that it runs on the lower 110 Volts so can run straight from your home plug.

While the 220 voltage larger Mig welders are great, they are not the best option for auto body work unless you are working on a vehicle that carries really thick metal plating.

westward mig welder
westward mig welder

What can you expect from a small 110 volt Mig welder?

What can you expect from a small 110 volt mig welder?

A small and light weight welder that is easy to maneuver and can weld pretty much nonstop up to a good quart inch thick steel. This little welder will last for years and will deliver just what is needed for your auto body requirements.

So which of these small welders is the best Mig welder for auto body?

Well in the view of the lowest price, the best Mig welder for auto body has to be the Westward 2WDP5 MIG Welder, Input 115V, OCV 18.

The Westward 2WDP5 MIG Welder, Input 115V, OCV 18 - Is a great low cost Mig welder that delivers the quality and performance any professional welder would want, but at a price that anyone can afford. This combined makes it the perfect choice for any budding auto body worker.

  • 22-135 amps output.
  • Dual uses with and without shielding gas
  • Plugs into household 115V, 20 amp outlets.
  • 10 foot MIG gun wire for easy maneuverability
  • Portable and lightweight making it easy to use.
  • Mig gun using award winning Tweco parts
  • Contactor keeps wire cold
  • Welds Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum
  • Ready to use straight from the box

Rated Output - 88A/115V/20% Duty Cycle

Output Range - 22-135 Amps AC - 22-135 Amps DC

Dimensions - Height: 14.75 in Width: 9.5 in Length: 17.5 in (370 mm x 240 mm x 444 mm)

Net Weight - 59 lbs. (27 kg.)

The Westward 2WDP5 MIG Welder, Input 115V, OCV 18 delivers every time and many feel it is a five star, small Mig welder that fits the requirements of any auto body worker. It is for this reason we have chosen this welder as the best Mig welder for auto body.

hobart 210 mvp
hobart 210 mvp

The Best Quality Mig Welder For Auto Body:

The best overall mig welder in terms of quality has to be the Miller 211.

This welder does it all, and the the auto set and smooth start technology, the reliability of Miller, and the fact that it's USA made is everything you want. Even a novice welder will look like a pro with the Millermatic 211.

The best overall mig welder when it comes to price and quality is the Hobart 210 MVP. This mig welder for auto body is an easy buy because it's almost as good as the Millermatic 211, but it does not cost as much.

You will love the Hobart because it too is reliable, well built, and it's also made in the USA (Miller now owns Hobart). So the bottom line is if you want the best of the best get the Millermatic 211. But if you want a high quality mig welder that is almost as good as the Miller 211, get the Hobart for a couple hundred less.

If price is an issue and you just need something that will work well for auto body work, and long term reliability is not a big deal then get the Westward.

Good Chinese Mig Welder
Good Chinese Mig Welder

Chinese Auto-Body Welding Machine Tips:

If you have a small auto-body shop and need a quality welder, you should invest in the best of the best if you can. And that would be a Miller, Lincoln, or a Hobart. But that's not to say the other brands are no good.

There's actually a few Chinese made MIG machines that are quite good and reliable. However, something always goes wrong eventually. Something may go wrong with the wire feed gun, spool, or the electrical. This problem may occur in a few months, or many years. Some welders have had no trouble for years.

But you don't want to deal with an overseas company, so if you buy a Chinese made machine, have a back up on hand or be prepared to rent one or buy a used on on Craigslist or Ebay.

The MIG machine shown here is a good example of a quality Chinese MIG welder for light auto body work. For the price you could buy three and always have one that's ready to work for you.

In Terms Of Buying A MIG Welder: Price or Quality More Important To You?

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      I would have to say quality is important to me when looking for a mig welder. I would be willing to pay more for something that I know is going to last me a while... especially when I plan on using it a lot. Great lens by the way!