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Best Motorcycle Communication Systems 2012

Updated on September 26, 2014
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Best Motorcycle Communication Systems 2012

If you are a serious motorcycle rider then you know the importance of having the best motorcycle communication systems when traveling. These types of systems allow you to do many different things that you would not ordinary be able to do while riding your motorcycle.

Not only can you speak to other riders whom you may be traveling with but you can also communicate with your passenger. Additionally the best motorcycle communication systems allow you to do other things while out riding. With most of these systems you can listen to music with your iPod or other MP3 device, make and receive phone calls hands-free with your cellular phone, and receive directions from your GPS navigational system all while safely traveling down the road. Additionally, many of these systems come with a built in FM tuner meaning you can get the latest news and weather from your local radio station.

Without a motorcycle communication system it is virtually impossible to talk to a riding partner or your passenger while driving down the road. There is just to much engine noise and noise from the wind. If you want to listen to music you need a stereo with which you will not be able to hear except during low speeds. If you want to make or receive a phone call with your cell phone you have to pull over and the same goes for trying to get directions from your GPS navigational unit.

If you typically ride with more than one riding partner you will be happy to know that several of the best motorcycle communication systems that are available today come with more than two headsets, in fact, many have up to 6 headsets.

Although typically called motorcycle communication systems, these systems can also be used when riding other things that require a helmet. For example these are perfect for those of you who enjoy riding snowmobiles or four wheelers. You won't have to worry about getting separated from your riding buddies when out in the snow since you will always be in constant communication. Additionally they make for a great way to stay in contact with your hunting partners when using four wheelers on your hunting trip.

Sena SMH10D Bluetooth Helmet Communication System

Sena SMH10D Bluetooth Helmet Communication System

This is a v2.1 Bluetooth stereo headset that will allow you to listen to music, make hands free phone calls, get voice instructions via your GPS unit as well as have intercom capabilities with your passenger or other riders.

Scala Rider G9x Powerset SRPSX002

Scala Rider G9x Powerset SRPSX002

Keep in communication with other riders or your passenger with this high end motorcycle communication system. Connect to your mobile phone, iPod/mp3 player or tune into your local FM radio station. Connect up to 8 other headsets for multiple riders.

This motorcycle communication system is the cream of the crop when it comes right down to it. The features listed here are just a part of what makes this one of the best systems you will find today.

Shark SHKLXMBT688IL Motorcycle Bluetooth Multi Interphone Headsets

With this Bluetotth headset you can communicate with up to 5 other riders as well as use you mobile phone hands free, listen to stereo music or voice instruction from from your GPS unit. Intercom communications are in full duplex.

What Makes for the Best Motorcycle Communication Systems

How to Choose the Best

Motorcycle communication systems typically come with several different options however most do come with the ability to make and receive phone calls with your cell phone, use a iPod or other MP3 device to listen to music and receive directions through your GPS and of course communicate with riding partners or passengers. There are a few that also have a built in FM tuner. The main difference you will see between different systems is the quality of the device and the number of headsets included.

Deciding which is the best motorcycle communication system for you really depends on how you will be using it and the price you want to pay. Although you can find systems in the $300 range doesn't mean that a less expensive system won't be a great choice for you.

Best Motorcycle Communication Systems Benefits

Why Do You Need a Motorcycle Communication System

Motorcycle communication systems allow you to do a lot of things that would otherwise be impossible to do when out riding, at least without stopping first. They will allow you to safely answer or make calls with your cell phone, communicate with your riding partners or passengers, listen to music and get directions from your GPS navigational unit.

  • Receive and make calls hands-free with your cell phone
  • Listen to your iPod or other MP3 player
  • Get direction via your GPS unit
  • Communicate with multiple riders or your passenger

Best Motorcycle Communication System Video

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      anonymous 5 years ago


      We have the Sena unit and works well have had it for about a year and a half. One thing that I have noticed and needs improvement is the stereo sound quality. Not as good as a wired system that was on the BMW lt1200 that we had but it is wireless and working with Bluetooth. Maybe the new ones are better