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Best Tig Welder For Motorcycle Fabrication

Updated on June 10, 2013

Why Welding Tubing Is Easier With a TIG Welder...

There are many welding processes and machines to match, but (Tungsten Inert Gas) TIG and Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding are by far the most popular forms of welding metals. In a motorcycle fabrication shop you will mostly find TIG and MIG welders because they are both good for different welding procedures.

Some shop owners just MIG weld because they are comfortable with it, it's relatively easy, it only requires one hand in most situations, and it's fast. In addition you can weld steel and aluminum and other metals. Steel and aluminum are frequently used in a motorcycle fabrication shop...

The problem is that MIG is not as versatile as TIG welding. Especially when you need to weld tubing. When you weld tube you'll need to go around in a circle and it's harder with a MIG welder (you can do it though, and many fabricators do mig weld tubing for a chopper frame)...

In addition, a MIG welder will ad metal material to your welds. So if you want a cosmetically better looking frame or part, you'll probably want to learn TIG for these situations. Also, eventually you'll be welding thin gauge aluminum, and TIG welding is the way to go for that too.

It's great to combine to the two processes. What many shop owners do is use a stick or mig welder to tack weld their completed parts or frame tubing together and get their TIG guy to finish it up. But once you learn how to TIG weld you can tack weld and finish the project all yourself.

The picture above is of Ron Covell in Building A Chopper Chassis.

Eastwood 200 AMP Tig Welder
Eastwood 200 AMP Tig Welder

Eastwood 200 AMP Tig Welder

The Eastwood 200 AMP Tig Welder is an excellent welder for the money. It's an AC/DC Welder meaning it can switch from AC to DC anytime you want depending on your welding project. This is a professional quality welder for a beginner welder price.

You will be able to accomplish most of your welding jobs whether it's TIG welding aluminum, steel, and you'll be able to weld thinner-gauge materials as well.

This machine operates on 220V, 30 amp circuit or 110V, 1amp circuit. It can easily be used anywhere and can be automatically be switched from the 110V to 220V depending on the input. It features an foot pedal that is infinitely adjustable, and it comes with an amperage control.

With these features you are able to carry out an accurate stainless steel and aluminum welding. You are assured of proper arc starting with the adjustable pre and post gas flow. This also ensures bead cool-down and stabilization. The thumb control is able to operate in place of foot pedal. This is the case for bench welding when it is a must and out-of-position welding.



The EVERLAST PowerARC 140 is a powerful welding machine. The manufacturer is a Chinese company that specializes in low cost welders that try to compete with the Red and Blue (Lincoln and Miller).

I must say that this welder delivers a smooth, stable DC arc and it does not suck up the power like some older or cheaper welders. And it's super cheap! Which makes you wonder...

The machine is portable and therefore can be moved from one place to another and easily stored. It features an automatic hot start for the reduced electrode sticking,. With the digital display you are assured of easy current setting and also repeatability. It is easy to connect and this is made possible with the DINSE 25mm style connectors.

This machine is perfect for the steel and stainless welding. The welding machine comes as a combo set which is a bonus. For a Chinese welder it's a good value. How good is support for this machine? Not bad, but not nearly as good as Lincoln, Miller, Hobart, HotMax or even Eastwood.

But some welders swear buy Everlast so you'll just have to see for yourself.

EVERLAST PowerARC 140 - So Cheap It Makes You Wonder...

EVERLAST PowerARC 140  140amp Lift Start TIG / Stick IGBT Welder Dual Voltage
EVERLAST PowerARC 140 140amp Lift Start TIG / Stick IGBT Welder Dual Voltage

I can't get over the low price on this. But it is powerful, and some welders love it. So at the very least it's a good back up.

Precision 225 Tig Welder
Precision 225 Tig Welder

Lincoln Electric Precision 225 Tig Welder

The Lincoln Electric Precision 225 Tig Welder is the best overall value for quality and price in my opinion. You get the Lincoln name, and you get a very good TIG welder which is used often in fabrication shops, schools, auto body and motorcycle fabrication, and for home hobby welders.

You get a lot of quality for your money here. The 225 has what Lincoln calls Micro-Start II technology. This is supposed to help create a stable arc, arc start, catering, and an overall better weld. And it does just that!

This welder also has a patented pulse control system that makes welding even easier. I won't go into the details of this feature. You can read about it in the owners manual. But it's makes this precision easy to use.

Other important features associated with this welding machine include auxiliary power, high output, and better storage. With the fans as needed feature, this unit is able to prevent overheating and also reduce power consumption. The unit also comes with storage compartment for the built-in torch, 9 foot input power cord, 10 footwork cable, TIG procedure, gas regulator, TIG torch and more.

Lowest Price On Lincoln Precision 225...

TIG Welder, Precision TIG 225,208/230VAC
TIG Welder, Precision TIG 225,208/230VAC

Considered the best higher end TIG welder on the market, and it delivers. It's an awesome welder for sure.

LONGEVITY Tigweld 200sx
LONGEVITY Tigweld 200sx

LONGEVITY Tigweld 200sx

The LONGEVITY Tigweld 200sx is a tig stick welding machine with dual power welding capabilities. It can weld on both 110v and 220v power. This unit is highly portable and allows for easy welding and capability on the go. The unit can be plugged into a 5000 watts generator for welding if you are in the remote areas.

The unit comes with the tig torch, ground clamp, stick handle, plugs, and regulator. All you are required to have is the filler rods and argon gas. The welder features a high frequency start tig and also includes the foot pedal used for efficient tig welding operation and control. This welding machine has the capability of welding of 7018, 6013 and many other stick welding electrodes.

This is a great welder for a professional or hobbyist with an easy use panel. It is also easy to control the heat. The machine is extremely portable and only weighs 37 lbs and therefore can be carried easily to any job site.

If I couldn't buy a Lincoln for whatever reason I would buy either this one or the Eastwood. This Longevity is so well priced it's hard to resist so I would get it as my primary TIG welder for my hobby shop or as a back up. You will be very happy with this Longevity TIG welder because you also get a lot of stuff with your order - just look at that picture.

Longevity 200sx Tig Welder - Best Value Period...

LONGEVITY Tigweld 200sx - 200 Amp AC DC Tig/Stick Welder with Digital Display 110v 200v
LONGEVITY Tigweld 200sx - 200 Amp AC DC Tig/Stick Welder with Digital Display 110v 200v

This is the best value when it comes to the price, quality, and extra goodies you get. Don't pass this one up if you can't afford the $2 - $3k Millers and Lincolns.

dynasty 200 tig welder
dynasty 200 tig welder

Best High End Tig Welder For Motorcycle Fabrication:

There are several excellent TIG welders for building a motorcycle. The top of the line is the Dynasty 200 series. It's an inverter welder. This picture here is the slightly older version (just a few years) which is shown here n the video Building A Chopper Chassis by Ron Covell.

The Dynasty 200 is a high end tig welder that is for the serious welder and/or professional.

Read more about it below.

Dynasty 200 TIG Welder

TIG Welder, Dynasty 200 SD, 120-480VAC
TIG Welder, Dynasty 200 SD, 120-480VAC

The quality of this machine is unsurpassed and is for the very serious fabricator. It's very portable, and delivers exceptional performance.


What Are You Going To Be TIG Welding? What Machine Do You Want?

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      3 years ago

      I would throw the whole paintball tank outta your lttile video. Don't give any dummies any ideas. Use the right tank, regulator and gas mix.


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