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Best V8 Engines

Updated on April 18, 2013

My Favorite V8 Engines

I love cars, especially vintage American cars with V-8 engines. My favorite V8 is the small block Mopar, but just about all American auto makers have made at least one V8 that I really like. V8 engines are gas-thirsty, but they run smooth and offer power and torque that can't be matched by 4 or 6 cylinder engines - at least not without an expensive turbo or other power adder. If you've never driven a V8 powered car, you really ought to try it - it's a great driving experience.

Mopar 318

The Mopar 318 is one of the most under rated engines of all time. It's also one of the best American V-8s ever designed. The Mopar can be built mild to wild and everywhere in between. Want economy? The 318 can give it to you. Want power? The 318 can over 400 horsepower and still be good as a daily driver. In my opinion, the 318 has more performance potential than the Mopar 360. When I had a new engine built for my 66 Barracuda I went with a 318 instead of a 360 even though the 360 would have been cheaper to build and easier to find parts for. Why? When it comes to Mopar small blocks, you get what you pay for:)

318 powered Dart runs high 11's - With a little boost...

Rebuilding the 318 is easy as long as you have the right information. How to Rebuild the Small-Block Mopar has everything you need to know to build a reliable 318 (it also covers the 273, 340, and 360). If you're going to rebuild a small block Mopar you'lee need this book.

Buick 215 - An all aluminum V8 that was ahead of it's time...

The Buick 215 was ahead of its time. In an era when bigger was better and Big Blocks ruled the roads, the Buick 215 was an all new V-8 design that was smaller than most 6 cylinder engines. It was also all aluminum - truly rare for 1961. In fact too new - production problems with the aluminum construction and American's lust for more and more power meant that the Buick 215 would only be made through 1963. Thankfully GM didn't just kill the engine - the design was sold to Rover, who produced it in various sizes up to 300 cubic inches until the demise of MG Rover in 2005.

Chevy 327

I'm not really a Chevrolet guy, but the 327 Chevy is one of the best V8s ever made. I'd take it over the 350 any day - as long as I had a light car (Chevy II, Vega) to put it in...

Rebuilding the 327 Chevy - Or any other classic small block Chevy...

If you're going to rebuild a small block Chevy, How to Rebuild Your Small-Block Chevy has all the information you need to make your project a success. David Vizard is one of the foremost authorities on the small block Chevy, and also one of the best writers in the aftermarket automotive business. He presents the material in a style that's not only informative, but enjoyable to read and easy to understand. This is one of the best engine rebuilding how-to books I've ever read.

Ford 292

My dad has one of these Y Blocks in his 62 pickup.

Ford 289/Ford 302

The Ford 289 is a high revving little monster, and the 302 revs almost as good with just a little extra stoke for more low end torque.

Ford 460

Perfect for your Land Yacht...

Cadillac 500

The Cadillac 500 weighs about the same as a small block Chevy but packs more cubes than any other factory V8.

Mopar 400

The Mopar 400 is under rated.

Olds 330 Rocket

The Olds 330 is a great alternative to the small block Chevy.

Chevy 400

Another under rated engine.

Pontiac 455

Torque Monster!!!

Rebuilding the Small Block Ford - Awesome power for your Mustang...


Please Sign my Guestbook - What is your favorite V8 power?

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    • profile image

      issabendeck1 3 years ago

      chevy 350 ci in every sense of the world best all around engine ever made , and for any aplication with out extralimiting your self of course

    • glenbrook profile image

      glenbrook 5 years ago

      @anonymous: I agree, the Chevy 350 is a great engine... but if I was going to build a small block Chevy it would be a 327.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      The Chevrolet/GMC 350 is the most perfectly balanced motor of all time. not the fastest... Not the strongest power plant......Just the most perfectly balanced engine of all time.