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Black Friday Car Deals

Updated on November 27, 2012

Used Cars At Black Friday Prices

By now everyone is well aware of the epidemic known as Black Friday. That special time of year when full grown adults huddle in make shift shanty towns in the hopes of getting the newest gadget or TV at drastically reduced prices. That blissful occasion a kin only to the running of the bulls in Spain where people race not to be gored by angry beasts, but for for an opportunity to wait in an enormous line to collect their prize. Personally myself I would wait for Cyber Monday.

But there's a reason why people brave the severe weather conditions and crowds and lines and that's to save some serious coin. And who isn't looking to save some money now more than ever. Black Friday isn't only for getting a deal on 5 Lalaloopsy dolls for $20 but a time when car dealers run there own Black Friday specials. If you have some one in your life that needs a car now is a good time to search for deals.

Happy Black Friday Squidoo

It's 4:30 am. Where are you?

This lens is not only for the celebration of the pandemic that is Black Friday, but to also raise a war en es to anyone looking to save money on a used vehicle. Dealers all across the U.S. take advantage of this faux holiday to run there own sales. If you know someone looking for a good price on a car make them aware of Black Friday car deals. It's a great way to save some cash.

Ok now let's see what happens when you mix fanatical weather beaten shoppers with people hung over or possibly still feeling the effects from the day before.

Let the Black Friday Mayhem Begin

This pic is my personal fav.

photo: ABC News

Black Friday 2012 Madness - by MoneyRill

A black Friday crowd bum rushes the security gate at Urban Outfitters at 4:30 am.

Black Friday Shopping Poll - Where will you be at 4:30 am?

What sounds like a nightmare to me has become a holiday to some Black Friday has only been growing in popularity since it began. Will you be joining the masses of shoppers out at the crack of dawn?

photo: Mashable

Will you be out shopping on Black Friday?

See results

Black Friday Shopper Mob

FOX 10 News at 4:30AM: Black Friday Shopping Frenzy - by WALA FOX10 News

Target Shoppers - From Nov. 24, 2011

A crowd of shoppers wait outside the Target store in Lisbon, Conn., before the store opened for Black Friday shopping at midnight.

photo: Sean D. Elliot, AP

Black Friday Disasters Supercut - by Compilariz TV

Black Friday TVs

Black Friday - Out of Control? - The Young Turks

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    • JClark 116 profile image

      JClark 116 5 years ago

      Nice lens! Never went shopping on Black Friday and I don't plan on it lol.