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Brakes Tampa- Guide to Brake Care in Tampa by Guy's Automotive

Updated on July 16, 2015

Repair Brakes Tampa

Faulty brakes on a car can be tragic. Getting ripped off on a brake job can be tragic as well. Tampa, Florida and other city customers may experience the bad brake shop drama that has been going on for years. These automotive brake shops promise a deal like a $99 brake reline and machine rotors /drums. After dropping of your automobile for repairs, you get the news that your brake system is completely failing. All the parts such as rotors / drums, master cylinder, calipers / wheel cylinders or brake hoses are all bad and you have to spend $700-$1200 to get your car fixed. Many customers will fall for this and the sales pitch is that your brakes will work like new after the repairs. But in reality, are these repairs necessary? Here are some tips on how you can be cautious on these auto brake repair scams.

1. If your car is new and live in a place like Tampa, you probably will not experience the brake line problems like the motorists of up north states especially with all of the salt on the roads that rust the brake lines and other brake parts in just a short amount of time.

2. If your brakes start squeaking and you immediately take it to the auto repair shop, this reduces the wear that is caused by driving with bad brake pads. The early signs of the brakes failing may include a brake light, brake squeak; or for European cars such as BMW, Audi, Volkswagen and Mercedes, a brake pad warning light. Fast action saves lots of money on brake part failure. Did you know that a low reading of brake fluid is also a sign of worn-out brake pads?

3. Have your local mechanic shop in Tampa or wherever you live do a vehicle inspection when getting routine maintenance. Many times, a mechanic can point out the expected brake life you have while doing an oil change. Even if you don't need brake repair, ask your mechanic how much in a percentage you have left on your front and rear brakes.

4. Do an online search for auto brake shops before you take it there. If you already have it in the shop, hold off on extra repairs and do your research first. A checkout and a tow to another shop still may be hundreds of dollars cheaper than letting these auto brake repair shops scam you. If your brakes felt fine when you took the car in, usually that is a good sign that you only need a basic brake job.

5. If you are the person that knowingly drove with bad brakes for a long time, you may be the one to expect a high brake job bill. Make a few calls prior to taking your car in and see what they tell you for prices over the phone. A great mechanic shop can give you a best case and worst case scenario as well as brake repair estimates over the phone. Compare the prices for the same types of jobs to see who is charging way too much for the brake parts.

Even in a sudden loss of brakes, it is usually best to take your car to your trusted auto mechanic shop that knows your car. Unfortunately, whether you are in Tampa, Florida or any other city, you just should be careful with your brake shop choices.


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