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Buying Used Corvettes

Updated on August 9, 2014

Used Corvette Buying for The Online Shopper

For most of us, searching for dream cars online is just a hobby. It's something we do to pass the time at work. But for a lucky few, buying a vette online becomes a reality. This article intends to educate the serious buyer on the most important factors in buying a vette online.

8 Keys to a Successful Online Vehicle Purchase

An online car purchase can always be a little unsettling. We are accustomed to driving to the dealership, seeing and feeling the vehicle, taking it for a test drive and then making a well-informed decision. So what does it take to have the same type of comfortability with an online purchase? Though it's not a complete list, the next 8 items may point you in the right direction when it comes to an online corvette purchase.

1. Check the Carfax report- The last thing you want is a car with a history of wrecks or a bad title.

2. Examine all photos in detail- There may be little imperfections visible in the pictures that can tell you quite a bit about the vehicle.

3. Don't buy with high mileage- Low mileage vehicles have less opportunity for hidden issues.

4. Compare against other similar vehicles to get a fair price.

5. Shop at a reputable online dealer- Make sure the dealer is endorsed by an expert online resource (

6. Avoid craigslist and sell-by-owner ads

7. Investigate shipping options- Your perfect vette may be in Maine, but the shipping price may be worth the buy.

8. Read customer reviews of the online dealer- You have to trust the dealer to have complete comfort with the purchase.

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What is most important to you when it comes to buying a vette online?

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    • edavis2012 profile image

      Erik Long 6 years ago from Texas

      Checking the KBB value can also help you know what you should expect to pay. Nice article.