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Transformers Car Decal

Updated on September 22, 2013

A Selection of Vinyl and 3D Decals for Automobiles

For an automobile owner who happens to be a huge Transformers fan, these decals are definitely a no-brainer when choosing an accessory to adorn a car. It is because this simple Transformers car decal can transform a sedan into an eye-catching autobots (or decepticon) in disguise that is hard to miss whenever on the road... Just get used to the attention you will be getting every so often!

In addition, another reason to personalise the car with accessory such as decal is to differentiate it among other car. A familiar decal on the hood makes it easier to spot when parked along sea of cars in a parking lot.

There are two decal material available to choose from namely the vinyl and 3D emblem type. Whichever you chose both can

An Autobot Logo in Vinyl Decal - Not Just for Cars - Can Also Be Applied Just About Any Even Surface As Well

This featured car sticker which is made from vinyl is among the popular choice out there. The reason being is that it cost next to nothing, durable and looks good when applied.

This shiny decal measures around 6" by 5.5" will look great at the rear window where it won't obscure the vista of the road.

This particular decal isn't limited only to automobiles because it can jazz up just about anything else as long as it has smooth exterior to stick to such as laptops and notebooks. This can also be used to adorn kids room such as walls and mirror.

Top Reasons for Choosing a Vinyl Decal

Vinyl decals are cheap - at around $3 on Amazon, these car accessories almost cost next to nothing.

Durable- they can typically withstand harsh weather condition and several car washings.

Looks Good on Your Car - they maybe inexpensive but those shiny, die-cut decal doesn't necessarily screams "cheap" but rather complements any type of vehicle really well.

A Transformers 3D Chrome Emblem - These Car Emblems Stand Out...

The visual appeal of a 3D emblem is undeniable especially if you want to achieve true to form TF vehicle look. With it 3 inch size, this will look great if placed in the hood, trunk lid and side of a car.

There are many available chrome looking emblem in varying sizes and design such as this one. They may look metallic but in reality they are usually made of plastic with faux chrome coating. But overall, general consensus among reviewers seems quite satisfied with the durability and appearance of the decal.

3D emblems are mostly made of rigid plastic with adhesives on the back. Since this type is not bendable, it is best if adhered to flat surfaces. Curved, uneven surface is a no go so carefully pick an even spot of the car to stick to so that it wouldn't fall off.

5" Autobot Transformers 3D Chrome Emblem (Not a Decal, High Quality Chrome Emblem)
5" Autobot Transformers 3D Chrome Emblem (Not a Decal, High Quality Chrome Emblem)

Just like the description says, a 5 inch emblem is on a big side as compared to other 3D emblems. I can imagine this gracing a larger vehicle such as truck or SUV and pull off an impression of a real autobots roaming the streets.

Transformer Autobot Chrome Finish Auto Emblem - 2 1/2" Tall
Transformer Autobot Chrome Finish Auto Emblem - 2 1/2" Tall

This is a 2.5 inch emblem will also add coolness factor to motorcycles, and other small vehicles.

2 X 3d Car/truck Transformer Autobot Decals/emblems/logos Optimus Prime
2 X 3d Car/truck Transformer Autobot Decals/emblems/logos Optimus Prime

This is a 2 pc decal that comes with Autobots and Decepticons logo. Its size is around 4 x 4 inches.

Edge Glowing LED Transformers Decepticons Car Emblem - BLUE
Edge Glowing LED Transformers Decepticons Car Emblem - BLUE

If you want your ride to be the center of attention, this TF emblem couldn't be more flashier because it literally glows!

Transformers Decepticons Logo 3D Car Hood Ornament / Decal
Transformers Decepticons Logo 3D Car Hood Ornament / Decal

Sure they're constantly plotting to take over the world and for that, we love to hate the Decepticons. Still, they do make for some awesome emblem such as this one.

This emblem measures approximate 3.7 inches tall.


Transformers "Quote" Bumper Stickers

This tongue in cheek "quote" description usually relegated at the rear windshield of a car.

Would You Like Your Vehicle to be Adorned with this Cool Decals?

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