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Car Flags and Accessories

Updated on December 6, 2012

Car Flags, Stickers and Emblems

In these days we spent on averages more than 4 hours in car each day. In this lens you will find cool and interesting car accessories. Find more about car flags, car stickers and car emblems.

They are good for a variety of occasions such as: weddings, parties, sports fans, girls and also for family cars.

Photo from Amazon

Amazing Car Flags

Car flags are good for a variety of special occasions

Car Flags and Stickers

Why would you have it?


Consider the following:


Try one and you will be suprised how cool these car antenna toppers are. They are perfect gifts for your friends and familly.

Astonishing Car Emblems

Logos for your Car!

Car Stickers

Car Stickers for your car!

Placing Car Flags on your Vehicle

Car flags are good for a variety of special occasions and not only. For example, if you are starting your own business and you want to promote it in a very practical way, putting a flag that represents your logo and a message related to the services that you are providing can be a great idea considering how many cars are travelling around within towns and outside them as well.

On the other hand, you can place car flags on various vehicles for a sport competition when people need to identify the teams which are involved in it. A car race could sometimes need this kind of car flags attached to the vehicles in order to promote the team that they represent and make it easier for the audience to cheer for their favorite contestants.

Weddings also represent opportunities when car flags are necessary. Considering the fact that a lot of vehicles will be present at the special event, it is a great idea to make them all part of the ceremony by attaching flags that have a certain image printed on them which is related to the happy couple, such as their own image and a message underneath it.

When it comes to the actual placing of the car flags, there are no special rules regarding the exact location of them. You can basically put them up on one side of the window or even on the hood. The trick is to make them visible for the people who are driving in the cars next to them and even the ones who are walking on the street.

The size of the car flags has a lot to with their resistance on the vehicles themselves. At the same time, the speed that you will drive your car with could affect the period of time in which the flags were meant to last. As you can see, the rules regarding car flags are related to the best ways in which they can be preserved.

Photo from Amazon

Car Stickers

Family Car Stickers

Car Flag Imprinted with Dye Sublimation

DIY Car Flags for you!

What do you think!?

Without a doubt, a car flags and car stickers attract a lot of people and most young people things that they look cool. What do you think? Have you ever have car flags or labels on your car?

Stop and say hello!

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    • Kumar P S profile image

      Kumar P S 

      6 years ago

      Nice collection ! Thanks for sharing.

    • BrianRS profile image

      Brian Stephens 

      6 years ago from France

      These are great when you want to support your nation for example, football, rugby or the Olympics doesn't matter.

    • Magda2012 profile image


      6 years ago

      I like the Just Married Car Flag, a cute gift for a friend who is going to get married.

    • KandDMarketing profile image


      6 years ago

      The only flags or labels I've had have been related to advertising the business I was in at the time. As for adding them as an accessory, well, to each , their own, I say.


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