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How to Save on Car Gas

Updated on November 28, 2012

How to Save at the Gas Pump

Here are some tips on how to improve your gas mileage and save money on gas. These simple tips, which don't cost you any money, include getting rid of the junk in your trunk, watching your speed, making sure that your tire pressure is up to specifications and planning your routes. With gas prices on the rise, saving on gas is more important than ever.

1. To reduce gas evaporation, buy gasoline when it's cooler during the day or in the early morning.

2. Buy your gas at the wholesale clubs, such as Costco.

3, Don't buy higher octane gas than your car requires. If your car doesn't need it then you're just wasting your money.

4. Save money at the gas pump by using self-service whenever possible. Full service costs more so don't use it if you don't have to. Pumping your own gas can save you money.

4. Don't fill up on gas at gas stations near an interstate. They usually have the highest prices.

Tires Make A Difference

1. Make sure your tire pressure is up to specifications.

2. Under inflated tires can increase your gas consumption.

4. If your tires are one pound per square inch below recommendation it can reduce mileage 3 percent.

5. Snow tires require more fuel so remove them after the winter season.

Save On Gas - Don't Speed

To increase your gas mileage:

1. Don't drive above 65 MPH. Driving above 65 MPH can have a significant effect on fuel economy.

2. Don't seed up and then slow down often. A car consumes most gas as it accelerates

3. Go with the traffic flow.

4.Watching your speed is the single most effective solution to increasing efficiency.

4. Back off on the accelerator a little once you reach cruising speed.

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Save On Gas - Plan Your Route

1. Plan your route and combine your errands so that you drive less. If you have 3 errands to do this week, do them all in the same day rather than on 3 separate days.

2. Plan your route beforehand to avoid backtracking and / or getting lost. Both backtracking and getting lost will cause you to use more gas.

3. Car pool whenever possible.

4. Avoid traffic jams by not driving during peak hours.

5. Avoid routes that have a lot of stop lights.

Plan Your Route With A TomTom

Getting lost and backtracking will cost you gas. Always plan your route ahead of time. These TomToms are great for planing routes.

Save On Gas - Get Rid of the Junk in Your Trunk!

Every additional 100 pounds in your car trunk can lower your mileage 2 percent. Clean out your truck, it could save you money on gas.

Purchase a trunk oraganizer like the ones below. Not only will you feel more organized but your trunk will stay cleaner and it may help to prevent your from storing extra junk in your trunk.

Hybrid Cars

Buy a hybrid. The mileage can be as high as 50 miles to the gallon!

Wind Resistance

1. Where wind resistance is a factor, like on the highway, keep the windows closed.

2. Use your air conditioner instead of rolling down all your windows. This will save you mileage.



1. Treat your brakes as carefully as the accelerator.

2. Coast as much as possible when approaching a stop, rather than braking suddenly.

3. Coast as much as possible on hills.

4. Avoid tailgating and using your brakes to continually correct your following distance.

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Save On Gas - Maintain Your Car

1. Save on gas by keeping your engine well tuned.

2. Change the oil as suggested by the manual.

2. Change your air filter. A dirty air filter will rob the engine of power and efficiency.


1. Use the right grade of oil. If you use the wrong grade of oil you may increase the friction in your car's engine and it will get hotter. When it's hotter it uses more gas.

2. Buy oil in bulk whenever possible. Don't buy your oil from a gas station, it costs more. Amazon has great prices on bulk oil.

Don't Text And Drive!

Don't text and drive! It may not save you on gas but it sure could save your life or the life of another person. Accidents also increase the rate of your car insurance.

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