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Car Insurance Lady And Those Crazy TV Commercials

Updated on October 5, 2010

Automotive insurance corporations have to really go out of their way today to get our attention, and the use of the Car Insurance Lady is the new weapon in their arsenal of trying to get us to notice them and their great discounted insurance policies available to the consumer. She is cute and quirky, but at the same time subtly keeps the companies name in front of you restively throughout your daily television viewing. They use different themes to cover their line of insurance coverage products in each micro episode of her work a day life. Though innocuous at best, it still get's Progressive's positive message of saving the consumer money on their next vehicle liability policy.

Progressive Insurance's Car Insurance Lady

The corny humor, and muted corporate drone type uniform combined with her perky and helpful attitude make her standout from the muted background of her work area. No, it may not want you to log on to the Internet or call their eight hundred number as soon as you see her on their latest television blurb, once you have seen the messages they are conveying about three dozen times, it will be burned into your subconscious for future purchases. Advertisers no that auto insurance policies are not sold on impulse, but campaign for our business over weeks, months, and years to ensconce our very being into loyal clients.

The Car Insurance Lady - Cute and Corny

Her real name is Stephanie Courtney, and is an actress from the state of New York; she has had a modicum of success with her appearances in a few major motion films, and cast on the television series “Mad Men” as Marge. Her bread and butter job remains to be her character on the Progressive Insurance television and Internet Ads that assault our visual and auditory senses just about every time we turn our boob-tube on when relaxing at home in the evening.

Car Insurance Lady

Car Insurance Lady
Car Insurance Lady

Flo The Car Insurance Lady - Saves Us Money On Insurance


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    • roxxxy42 profile image

      roxxxy42 6 years ago from cleatrwater florida

      I always turn the tv to another channel when progressive insurance comes on i am soo tired of their stuff and cannot take it anymore.

    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 7 years ago from Ohio, USA

      She is starting to get a little creepy. Hopefully she is in line for residuals.