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Car Ovens and Truck Stoves - Portable 12V Ovens For Cooking Food On The Road

Updated on July 8, 2014

Cooking In Your Car Is Easy, Saves Money and Is Healthier Too!

If you spend a lot of time in your automobile whether for work or pleasure then you will appreciate the appeal of being able to cook a hot meal in the comfort of your own vehicle. 12V car ovens or portable truck stoves plug into the cigarette lighter socket of any vehicle and enable you to reheat food so you can get a hot, healthy meal anywhere your vehicle takes you.

These portable car ovens are hugely advantageous for truck drivers, cabbies and others who spend a lot of time in their vehicles away from home because they provide a cheaper, healthier option for dining out rather than eating at roadside diners, fast food joints and truck stops or settling for junk food and cold sandwiches. A good mobile stove for reheating meals in a car or truck can cost under $50 and is small enough to fit on the seat next to you with room to spare so no need to worry about making space for one of these as they are typically around the size of a workman's toolbox.

They make the perfect gift for a cab driver or a trucker and are ideal for those cold nights when a good hot meal is exactly what you are looking for to warm your heart. The nice thing is, they are so versatile you can reheat just about any kind of meal in them, so soups, casseroles, curry, baked potatoes, rice, steamed vegetables...anything you choose can be preprepared and brought on the road for eating later at your leisure. Tell me that doesn't sound better than a fatty burger and fries!

The best portable 12 volt ovens for cars and trucks are highlighted below in the rest of this article. Be sure to look at the optional accessories too because these can make these products even more versatile and useful.

The Best Portable 12V Oven For Car and Truck Owners - Editor's Pick Of The Bunch

RoadPro 12-Volt Portable Stove, Black
RoadPro 12-Volt Portable Stove, Black

The Roadpro oven offers the chance of a hot meal on the road without having to resort to fast food, trucks stop or diners. It warms food up to 300 degrees by drawing power through the 12V lighter socket allowing you to reheat many different kinds of precooked foods in under an hour.

Roadpro has really hit it out of the park with this handy little portable stove which receives generally excellent reviews from people from all walks of life. It is the ideal gift for a truck driver or a taxi cab driver or for anyone else who spends a lot of time in their vehicle and is sick of wasting money and rolling the dice with their health on fast food and snacks. It is also an excellent portable stove for car camping, tailgating, road trips and more.

The build quality of this thing is great especially for the price. It is super easy to keep clean, especially if you decide to use foil pans for all your cooking as is recommended. Since it seals shut when closed all the cooking smells are kept inside so you don't have to worry about stinking out your work vehicle which is especially useful if you drive a taxi and don't want your customers disturbed by a chicken vindaloo reheating on your front seat!

The RoadPro 12V oven really is an excellent travel companion. Use it to reheat anything from breakfast burritos to soup, beans, rice, curry and casseroles. If it fits, you can warm it up for a hot meal and that has got to be better than fast food any day of the week.

RoadPro Aluminum Pans for the 12V Portable Stove - Pack of 3
RoadPro Aluminum Pans for the 12V Portable Stove - Pack of 3

For most, if not all portable ovens for cars and trucks, you will want something to cook your food in to prevent the insides of the cooker from needing to be constantly cleaned. These foil pans for cooking in a car over are the perfect accompaniment to these gadgets allowing you to heat up anything from baked potato to a messy curry or casserole without making a mess of your oven.


See The Road Pro Oven In Action - A Video Review of the Road Pro 12V Oven

A Portable 12 Car Oven Will Save You Money

Avoid Roadside Cafe Prices With A Portable For Warmer For Your Truck

Preparing food at home, or buying ready made supermarket or canned food for the road and reheating it in your automobile is an easy way to save you hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars a year compared with the cost of buying food at fast food joints, restaurants and truck stops. 12 volt automotive stoves which plug into a cigarette lighter typically cost under $50 and can easily save you anything up to $5 or more per meal compared with the price of buying food in a roadside eatery.

That's an easy $100 a month in savings over the course of a five day working week, or more, if your job keeps you in your vehicle across the course of several daily meals. Rather than stopping in at your regular greasy spoon cafe for lunch and paying $5 for a bowl of clam chowder opt instead for a $1 can of Great Value soup from Walmart or a multipack from Costco and heat it up in your 12 volt portable oven for automobiles and you've saved anywhere up to $4. Make chicken curry with rice and vegetables at home and heat that up in the 12V car oven for dinner and you've saved a bundle over the cost of going to restaurant and have undoubtedly eaten better food too.

A portable food warmer for cars and trucks is something of a no-brainer for anyone looking to save themselves a few bucks on the food they eat whilst on the road. Financial experts have been harking on for months about the cost of buying coffee and other beverages whilst out and about but food is the real expense which is hard to ignore and an in car food heater can save you 4 figures over the course of a year and have you eating healthier meals too.

12V, Sauce Pan and Popcorn Maker
12V, Sauce Pan and Popcorn Maker

Make fresh popcorn on the road? You betcha! This is also idea for reheating canned soup and those quick meals you can make in a saucepan like mac and cheese and suchlike. Again, this plugs into your cigaratte lighter socket and runs off of just 12 volts.


Eat Healthier With Car Stoves and Food Warming Ovens

Eat The Food You Love With All The Hidden Ingredients!

Finding healthy food when you drive for a living can be quite problematic as restaurants and fast food joints are a minefield of additives, hidden fat content and generally unhealthy ingredients which are hard to navigate through for anyone trying to live a healthy lifestyle or lose weight. Eating junk food snacks and roadside diner meals regularly is a recipe for weight and health issues down the line which makes buying a 12V cooker for cooking in your car or truck an even more appealing concept.

Many fast food products contain more calories than those recommended for a full day's worth of meals and far too many have sodium contents which are literally off the charts bad for you. It makes sense then to choose to buy a portable stove for warming food up in your car because that lets you bring your own fresh prepared food along with you, or to stop off, and pick up canned or pre-prepared food with a list of ingredients so you know exactly what you are eating. It is not only cheaper, but it is better for you too.

In Car Cooking stoves reheat food in an automobile in around half an hour which gives you a little time to get out, walk around and do some stretching exercises to loosen up after all that sitting around. They are quite versatile with users claiming they use them for heating up anything from cans of soup to baked potatoes to home made curry and casserole dishes all of which are much healthier and cheaper than that the greasy burger and fries or other forms of fast food we are typically presented with when we are eating away from home.

A Final Note On Power Inverters

Can I Run A Microwave Oven In My Car?

All of the products featured on this page are designed to work directly off of the car battery without the need for any further intervention on your part. Another alternative used by some is to invest in a car power inverter instead, which converts the 12V provided by your car battery and allows you to run general household items inside you vehicle.

You need to be a little more savvy with these things to ensure you are getting exactly what you need and whether you are buying something which is going to work with your vehicle. Using a power inverter for cars you will be able to run things like toasters, coffee makers, microwave ovens, hairdryers are suchlike without looking for one specifically made to work in an automobile. Any household product will work just fine when run off of an inverter. You do need to know the wattage of the product and if you are running more than one at a time (which is also possible) then you will need to add the wattage together. Once you know this you can choose a power inverter to suit your needs.

Car owners will typically be looking for a 12V power converter whilst a power inverter for truck owners and other vehicles will depend on your vehicle.

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