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4 ways to avoid a car accident

Updated on June 19, 2013

You can avoid causing car accidents by taking responsibility of yourself first.

Top 4 ways to avoid car accidents...

1. Make sure the vehicle is maintained and in good driving condition. It is important to make sure the brakes and tires are ready for the road and maintaining all fluid levels will minimize the vehicle having the potential to come to a halt or not being able to stop.

2. Having the condition of the driver in good health. Keeping eye exams up to date is very important as well as avoid taking medication that would cause drowsiness.

3. Avoid distractions in the car. Avoid texting, drinking anything, putting on makeup, talking on cell phone, fishing (reaching beside or behind the driver's seat to find something). Wait until the car is completely stopped to avoid such distractions.

4. Being a defensive driver. Keep an eye out for what others are doing. Always check blind spots and look both ways even when the light turns green. Keeping a good distance from another car will allow the reaction time to be greater.


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