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Updated on May 4, 2012

Life is good from the very first days of a caravan tour. Food tasting better than ever before.

Up at the crack of dawn there's just time for a stretch and a yawn as you dash to the surf. Then, aglow with the jot of living, back to steaming coffee and an appetising breakfast.

Another day and with it high expectancy of new adventures. New sights to see. New discoveries to thrill you. Sunny beaches and challenging surf. Fishing spots where the big 'uns await you. You enjoy a life of interest and ease as you carry your tour a day further on, discovering for yourself the mysteries and beauty of Australian wonderland.

Nearby stretches rugged bushland. Kangaroo spoor and low-flying flocks tell a story. The keen sportsman notes the signs and reads their meaning. Gun ready and a pouch full of ammunition, he stalks his way to a sporting rendezvous. Game is quite close to home.

A caravan tour brings the thrills of high adventure. A new way of life, far from a city's clamour and the dull monotony of deadly routine. Dress as you like, move when and where you like, without a thought to petty restrictions. Enjoy every weekend as a real vacation, free from timetable and accommodation worries and expenses of holiday tariff. The whole family find new adventure, greater happiness, on a free-and-easy caravan tour.

"Carapark" Products

Every feature of a "Carapark" product is planned with architectural precision by qualified professional designers.

Nearly 20 years of continuous research has resulted in new features and more economical means of production. The benefit to the public of this specialised knowledge is clear cut. A better caravan at a reasonable price!

The individual problems of caravan design have been mastered by Caravan Park by sound planning without sacrifice of comfort.

No feature has been overlooked.

Recognised principles of architectural design are incorporated, waste areas entirely eliminated.

Planned design has introduced new conveniences, greater comfort at prices which feature extra value.

"Carapark" caravans provide much more than mere shelter. Designed for greater comfort, health, economy and happiness they are completely furnished modern homes, offering a practical solution to holiday accommodation and housing problems.

It is thus to your happiness that this booklet and the growing organization of Caravan Park is dedicated. Happy, healthy, caravaning!

Easy terms are available for any "Carapark" model.

Hunter Deluxe

When not in use the bath is concealed under the lounge.
When not in use the bath is concealed under the lounge.

New features, more and greater comfort makes the "Hunter deluxe" ideal for a touring holiday or a permanent home.

There's exceptional living space and many household conveniences to reduce domestic chores. The price is reasonable- well within the reach of car owners.

CONSTRUCTION: Stressed skin method of body construction mounted on a pressed steel chassis gives long lasting life and ensures easy towing even over the roughest country.

Ventilation is well provided by 8 large windows and a roof vent, each fitted with dust proof seals and detachable selflocking fly screens. In addition a 2 inch air circulation cavity provides cooling insulation and an even temperature even under the most humid conditions.

4 BERTH ACCOMMODATION: With every appointment for easy. For'ard is a full sized double bed. At the rear 2 single beds complete the sleeping facilities. For day use the double bed converts to a room dinette comfortably seating six.

A large wardrobe and chest of drawers, wall cupboards and many shelves, towel rails, soap and toothbrush racks and electric light are other accessories which combine to offer comfort unsurpassed by any other caravan of comparative size and weight.

A concealed bath, 4 foot x 2 foot is situated under the dinette bed.

THE KITCHEN: Follows a layout designed for simple housekeeping. You cook with ease on a double-burner kerosene stove. The recess is metal-lined and incorporates a fume escape to draw off all cooking odours. Water is drawn from a 16 gallon tank by a chromed metal pump.

A large ice-chest provides roomy storage for all perishable foodstuffs and refreshments, stainless steel sink and draining board, generous locker space and racked crockery lockers and metal airtight bread containers all add to the convenience of this modern kitchen.

Hunter Deluxe Specifications

Weight- 17 cwt. (approx.)
Width- 6 ft. 8 ins.
Length- 15 ft.
Axles- "Carapark" Chrome alloy steel.
Wheel Track- 5 ft. 8 ins.
Tyres- 600 x 16 ( 650 x , 16 optional).
Water Tank Capacity- 16 galls., baffled, with external filler.
Lighting- 240v. fittin gs with 3 25w. lights.
Batteries- 6-volt 15-plate heavy duty, in scaled external compartment.
Brakes- Automatic over-ride two-way adjustable.
Chassis- "Carapark" reinforced steel.
Coupling- "Carapark" gun-metal head, ball and socket joint, tested to 5 tons.

Carapark Superb Deluxe

A practical solution to housing problems with every facility for a quiet or active life. A family's needs were analysed and with the "Carapark Superb" we provide the answer. An outstanding caravan featuring new beauty, more conveniences, greater comfort, years ahead in design, at a price providing extra value!

CONSTRUCTION: The tough light-gauge pressed metal body frames and pressed steel chassis plus a wide track allow easy towing by 18 h.p. cars. The exterior of this modern caravan is of sheet aluminium and the interior is lined with waterproof ply tastefully painted. Highly polished furniture tones with the interior.

Many features new to Australia are incorporated- shower, refrigeration and sanitation, the whole of the front is of clear perspex forming a special observation dinette lounge, giving unrestricted vision and natural light.

Front of "Superb" showing large observation window.
Front of "Superb" showing large observation window.
Modern, self-contained shower-room exclusive to "Carapark Superb".
Modern, self-contained shower-room exclusive to "Carapark Superb".

THE SHOWER ROOM: Metal lined and fitted with an adjustable shower rose, shaving cabinet, mirror and towel rails, odourless chemical dissolvenator sanitation which is absolutely hygienic. A specially designed vent pipe and flue carries off all odour.

4 BERTH ACCOMMODATION: In two easily partitioned bedrooms. Each bedroom contains a deep inner-spring double bed and is ventilated by 4 large windows and a roof vent. All openings are fitted with fly screens and dustproof seals with new self-locking safety catches. The rear double bed it convertible for day use to a comfortable settee. The for'ard bed converts to a large dinette, seating four.

2 spacious wardrobes, ample lockers, many shelves and book racks, light curtains and drapings add to the comfort of the occupants.

THE KITCHEN: Here the "Carapark Superb" really excels. The twin burner gas or kerosene stove is in a metal lined recess fitted with a flue-pipe to draw off cooking fumes and a plate warmer is situated in a handy position. Above the stove is a crockery cabinet whilst below three large compartments provide handy food storage.

A roomy built-in ice-chest gives ample storage but for a small extra cost a gas, electric or kerosene refrigerator will be installed. Water is drawn to the stainless steel sink from a 14 gallon tank by a nickel plated centrifugal pump. A draining hoard is fitted to the sink whilst above are towel rails, soap racks, a drier and other modern kitchen accessories.

Superb Deluxe Specifications

Weight- 17 1/2 cwt. (approx.).
Width- 7 ft.
Wheel Track- 5 ft. 11 ins.
Length- 14 ft. 5 ins.
Head-room- 6 ft. 11 ins.
Tyres- 600 x 16 at 6 ply.
Outer Shell- Aluminium.
Water Tank- Concealed 15 galls., with external filler.
Lighting- 240v. fittings, with two 25w. lights.
Batteries- 6-volt 15-plate heavy duty in sealed compartment.
Brakes- Antomatic over-ride two-way adjustable.
Chassis- "Carapark" reinforced steel.
Coupling- "Carapark" gun-metal head, ball and socket joint, tested to 5 tons.

Hunter Junior

Hunter Junior

A well-built, lightweight mobile home, comfortably fitted with every facility for happy holidaying. The living section is spacious and tastefully furnished with a deeply upholstered inner-spring lounge and dinette combination which converts into one double and one deep, slumbersome single bed whilst the kitchen is equipped with every possible facility for cooking ease. The skilfully planned appointments include items not usually found in caravans available at this price or size.

CONSTRUCTION: Lightness, economy and rugged durability has been achieved hy the stressed skin technique of manufacture whilst full insulation guarantees cool comfort and even temperature on sweltering days and nights. Good air circulation is provided by 7 large windows and a roof vent, fitted with dust-proof seals and detachable self-locking fly screens.

3 BERTH ACCOMMODATION: Situated for'ard is a deeply upholstered single bed which by day is a lounge. The dinette converts to a restful and roomy innerspring double bed by night.

Brilliant fabrics, tapestry drapings and curtains tastefully merge with the over-all colour design to capture the atmosphere of a well planned modern home, complete in every detail.

More conveniences add greater comfort. A large wardrobe, chest of drawers, many sh elves and large wall cupboards provide clothing and linen storage whilst chrome towel rails, soap and toothbrush racks are other necessary items.

THE KITCHEN: Planned for cooking ease and economy. The twin burner kerosene stove is situated in a metal lined recess which incorporates a special fume escape.

A roomy ice-chest, fitted with an outside exit pipe for waste water, provides storage for all perishables and refreshments, and with the inbuilt lockers and airtight metal lined bread bin together provide ample food storage. Breakable crockery is safeguarded in special racked crockery lockers.

Hunter Junior Specifications

Weight- 11 cwt. (approx.).
Width- 6 ft.
Length- 10 ft. 3 ins.
Head-room- 6 ft. 2 ins.
Axle- "Carapark" tubular.
Wheel Track- 5 ft. 2 ins.
Tyres- 500 x 16 to 600 x 16.
Lighting- 240v. fittings, with 2 25w. lights.
Batteries- 6-volt H.O. plates.
Brakes- Automatic Over-ride.
Chassis- "Carapark" reinforced Steel
Coupling- "Carapark" gun-metal head ball and socket joint.
Water Tank- 12 galls.

Hunter Minor

A real achievement. Only 9 feet 9 inches long yet planned design and skilful production methods have compacted into the "Hunter Minor" many of the features of a large van. The "Hunter Minor" is really outstanding in its class.

No other caravan of comparative size and weight provides as many comforts. You'll he pleasantly surprised hy its features. Designed with an eye to the requirements of the keen sportsman with a small car. You'll find holidays more fun with a "Hunter Minor." Small and light enough for easy towing hy a low h.p. car yet tough enough to withstand travel over rugged countryside and rutted country roads. The "Hunter Minor" will follow truly wherever your car can go. 3 large windows and a roof vent a1lmv ample ventilation.

As with all "Carapark" models every opening is fitted with dust-proof seals and the new "Carapark" detachable self-lockiug screens.

The exceptional head-room of 6 foot is another important feature of the "Hunter Minor," which is not generally found in a caravan of this size.

2 BERTH ACCOMMODATION: In 2 deeply upholstered single beds which can he converted quickly and easily to a double. A wardrobe, lowboy, table top and many cupboards provide plenty of hanging and storage space for clothing, linen and all your sporting gear.

THE KITCHEN: Full catering facilities are provided. A double burner kerosene stove allows quick and easy preparation of hot tasty meals. A large ice-chest provides ample storage for all perishable foodstuffs and refreshments, whilst a stainless steel sink and draining board and many lockers and cupboards all facilitate good housekeeping.

Hunter Minor Specifications

Weight- 7 1/2 cwt. (approx.).
Length- 9 ft. 9 ins.
Width- 6 ft.
Head-room- 6 ft. 2 ins.
Wheel Track- S ft. 4 ins.
Axles- "Carapark" 1 1/2 in. alloy steel.
Tyres- 525 x 16, 550 x 16.
Batteries- 6-volt 11-plate.
Lighting- 240v. fittings- 2 lights, 25w.
Chassis- "Carapark" reinforced steel.
Coupling- "Carapark" gun-metal head, ball and socket joint, tested to 5 tons.

The "Carapark" All-Steel Trailer

Carapark Trailer Specifications

5 ft. 10 ins. long.
3 ft. 4 ins. wide.
Weight 3 cwt. 1 qrt.
Carrying capacity 7 1/2 cwt.
Gun-metal coupling head.
Guaranteed "Carapark" axle.
Rubberised topping canopy.
16 in. wheels.

The "Carapark" all-steel trailer is another product of Caravan Park, featuring rugged construction, a 7 cwt. carrying capacity, and the lightness and fine balance necessary for easy towing. This sturdy all-steel trailer is ideally suited for use on farm s, grazing properties and construction works where hard-wearing durability is essential. On holiday or week-end camping trips and long overnight drives, the "Carapark" all-steel trailer is a splendid lightweight carry-all for all bedding and equipment.


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