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Car License Plate Check

Updated on May 16, 2010

Are you trying to find out about someone but you only have their license plate number? With that license plate number, you could easily do a car license plate check, which would give you information on the person you are looking for. Police typically use this information when they identify you with your car. Usually this happens when they stop you for speeding and then check your license and registration. Basically they are checking your background and matching you to your car. If the license plate doesn’t match to you or your car, then there might be some problems.

When you do a car license plate check, you’ll get a good amount of information concerning the person you are checking. You would get their full name and address along with information on the vehicle itself. But not anyone can just look up this information for free. The police can do reverse license plate checks all day long but you can’t. Instead, you would have to pay a service in order to do it.

To do a license plate number check you can go to any online license plate checking service. What you would do is enter in the website the license plate number you want to check and then pay a fee for the service. They would then give back to you information about the vehicle and the owner. This is pretty easy to do and you should be able to get your information instantaneously. Although there are a lot of vehicle license plate checking services, you want to find one that has proven to give quality and accurate information. So don’t just go with the cheapest service you can find. Make sure you are getting what you paid for.

The other way to do a vehicle license plate check is to hire a private investigator to do it for you. The PI can check license plate numbers for you using a wide source of information. They usually rely on several methods to find information that you want. Hence, since they can do more, they would also cost more. If you are going to hire a PI, make sure you check his license and his credentials. You can search on your state’s website to see if the PI has an active license.


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    • profile image

      erika  7 years ago

      can some please help me find this person who own this plate the number is PA tag GMS 1625