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Three simple steps to unlock a car

Updated on March 13, 2011

How to open your car lock

Very less people in world didn’t experience losing their keys, it could be the house keys, safe keys, or very commonly the car keys, most of the time people don’t loose the car keys, instead they lock down the car while leaving their keys in ignition. So weather you loose your car keys or forget in ignition and lock your car down, the information is here to help you out from that situation.


The interesting part is I myself once leave my keys in the car while my engine is running. And as soon as I realize the first thing comes out of my mouth is “O God what I have done” after that I have to run for some experts to open up my car lock.

And guess the guy came just spend a few seconds, and yes here it is, the car is unlocked, he charged me hundred bucks for his service, and when I asked for some discount as the job was done in few seconds, I got the same old syrup that the money is to know where to hit the hammer.

So I request to the expert that I don’t mind to pay this amount to you, but please let me know how to open the car locks as this could be happen again and might be at that time I don’t find any expert on the spot.



The guy first hesitates as from his point of view I could use this for opening other people’s car lock. But I promised him that this would just for the personal use in case of my own car locked down, or to help someone if found in trouble.

And now after couple of years I realize to share this information as it might handy or save you some lunch. But any unethical or illegal use of this information is prohibited and tries it on your own risk.


Procedure for opening a car lock

First step

The procedure is quite simple, and need nothing more then a hard wire of half to one foot long. The first question might comes into your mind where to get this type of wire, and the answer is don’t panic. The first thing for open the car lock is to don’t panic, and be relaxed as after reading this article the car lock will seems to you nothing more then a kids play.

So where to find a hard wire, as you obviously don’t carry such tool with you always, unless you are a car lock expert, the answer is to look around you carefully, there is a probability that any hardware shop or market or luckily the tire or auto mobile shop is around, you always can ask them this type of wire, some one must have this. And he will be more then happy to help you.

But we assume here the worst situation that few shops around you and no one have this type of hard wire to help you out, now how to get this wire, should you leave your car on the road and find some one who can help or break the car door glass to get physical access to the keys.

Rather breaking the glass or unable to find some one who can help, you can use your radio antenna as a herd wire from the car roof. And it can be fixed easily. As in my car I had two antenna one is for the radio and one for this type of trouble as I get into the situation more then once and even I helped a women in a parking lot, and she seems to be really thankful and impressed.



Next Step

So the next step after obtaining the hard wire is to look for a rubber or plastic cover right next to the side mirror, this rubber or plastic thing is you door length long and starts from the one end of the door from side mirror and ends into the other end of the door which is the division between the car front and the back portion, for your ease a picture of this part is pasted.

So this rubber thing which I called a strip can be pulled out, don’t be scare as it have some clips and pulling it out or fixing it back will don’t have any effect on your car look ( as far the cars I experienced ). So when we have this rubber or plastic strip out of the door, you can see a narrow but long space in your door, and you will find some leavers or pulleys there attached with some hard wires as one you had it.


Final Step

Here comes the true art, you will have look for a lever in that space which is normally right behind the lock out side of the car, or in different cars it could be slightly up or down. And your job is to just hit down or pull up this lever with the help of the hard wire which you obtain from the hardware shop or just get it from your radio antenna.

Tuck!!!! Yap this is the sound which truly seems a like heaven voice if you are somewhere out in summer and they day is hot. Tuck and the door is open after that you can put that rubber strip back at the door, get into your car, start your air conditioner and listen your favorite CD.

I tried my level best to explain this in detail for any one who had this issue in the past or who is just reading it for in case if he face this type of trouble in future. And especially if you are women and stuck in this type of situation, you can open your car lock is on your own.

The photos for the all parts of the car for the explanation is pasted and I hope this article is informative to you and help you some where, when you are in deep trouble.


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    • haidry profile image

      haidry 22 months ago

      I am feeling pleased that this article helps you

    • profile image

      tara 2 years ago

      Thank you so much!!! We were getting ready for a 4 hr drive to the airport after a family emergency; all our luggage was placed inside the running vehicle at 2am and some how the doors got locked. Without this article/ how-to we would have missed our flight home and would have had to wait an hour or so for someone to unlock it. We would have missed work the following days waiting for another flight. Saved so much money!

      This was by far the best, most helpful arrival I've read!!!!

    • haidry profile image

      haidry 7 years ago

      thanks any way, but just imagine if some one really stuck in the situation as i mention, then does this article is worth it.

      And believe me when i face this situation, i there was no one who can guide me, and i have to pay for this services

    • profile image

      Iftikhar Mehar 7 years ago

      I would give you 100% marks in it Haidry as that's like an excellent and real robber :-)