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Salvage Cars - Salvage Yards and Salvage Car Auctions

Updated on March 2, 2013

Salvage cars in Salvage yards

Salvage Cars are possibly the gold of the used car market. Getting your hands on a collectible salvage car is possibly the greatest experience of a lifetime.

Salvage yards hold most of the past 50 years worth of American Muscle cars ever built. Going to your local salvage yard is the best place to start your search for those hard to find original manufacturer parts that will define the difference between a well documented and completed old collectible car restoration project and just keeping an old timer car on the road.

What condition are salvage cars usually in ?

You will undoubtedly find salvage cars in a variety of different states of repair as they are in most cases involved in collisions.

The insurance companies that handle the cars on behalf of their clients will assess the state of the damage and then cut a deal with the salvage yards to purchase the cars or arange to dispose of them in wreckers yards as complete write offs from an insurance point of view.

There are many luxury cars that do not make sense to repair due their cost of repair and will end up in salvage yards and the cars can be for sale for very reasonable prices for the salvage car repairer. The codes apllied to these cars can vary and will be used to determine whether the car can be put back on the road or not.

Salvage cars that find their way into the salvage yard are then dismantled and displayed into their different parts bins or parts divisions so that car restoration and car repair shops can collect and buy parts that are difficult to find in traditional retail parts stores in your neighborhood.

By Salvaging these parts has enabled more cars to remain in better condition as it is often difficult to find the correct part for a car that is more than 15 years old and it thus enables better safety for these older cars if the salvage parts are freely available.

Salvage cars for sale can also be turned into satisfactory business ventures for panel beating companies looking to turn a profit as it often occurs that owners of luxury cars will refuse to have a car that has been involved in a collision and it happens that these cars are replaced by the insurance companies.

The damaged car will then be rebuilt, often with only cosmetic work being needed to the fenders and bumpers, and then find their way to being salvage cars for sale with minimal visual signs of any previous damage or accidents. So , salvage cars can become some really good deals if you take the time to check the salvage yards.


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    • PegCole17 profile image

      Peg Cole 

      8 years ago from Northeast of Dallas, Texas

      Dale, This is true. We have an '96 Crown Victoria that was totalled after a tornado here in Texas took out the rear windows. We bought it back from the insurance for salvage. A local shop was able to replace the glass, the rear lights and the headliner. It's still a nice car 6 years later.


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