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Chevrolet Auto

Updated on January 16, 2014

Chevrolet Auto

Welcome to Chevrolet Auto, the new information resource on Squidoo that will be bringing you all the information and knowledge that is pertinent to the automobile giant, Chevrolet GMC.

Chevrolet Auto has been created to be a premier information resource for all thing related to this topic.

There is also a great website that you can check out with more details and information about Chevrolet Auto, which is mentioned later on.

Chevrolet Auto

Chevrolet Auto as the introduction states is genning up on all the local information surrounding new and used automobile sales as well as service and repair establishments and garages.

We're also looking at adding resources for Chevrolet trucks that will add to the usefulness of this lens and widen the interest catchment of this fantastic brand of automobile.

So if you're considering either buying a new or used Chevy or already own one and are thinking about getting it serviced, or repaired, we hope to have all the information you need here.

Linking to eBay

Another way we can help you if you are looking to buy a new or used Chevrolet car, truck SUV or whatever, is to put you in touch with eBay.

Ok, eBay is maybe not so well known as a source of new and used cars, but when you think about it, eBay is the biggest marketplace on the web so why shouldn't just about every local as well as international automobile dealer and seller advertise on eBay?

So we'll be putting up some useful links that will take you straight to the important eBay pages that deal exclusively not only with Chevrolet automobiles, but Chevrolet Auto dealers and used car sellers too!

Chevrolet History

Whilst it would be great to publish a detailed Chevrolet history here, I already have on published over at one of my blogs, so I'll link to it here Chevrolet History so you can check it out if you're interested.

I would copy it here, except this lens will get punished by Google for having duplicate content, which is not what anyone wants, so better simply to link to the article on my blog and you can read it there.

What's more, if you are a big fan of Chevrolet Automobiles in general, there are other informative sites that deal with the company and its models in more detail. To get to it, you can check out other sites that are another good resource for information seekers.

Of course you could do a lot worse than take a look at Cars Direct to see what they've got on offer in the way of Chevrolet autos for sale, new and used! They can also sort out insurance and finance for your Chevrolet vehicle, so why not click the banner and see what they've got to say fro themselves?

Chevrolet Parts and Accessories

Many car or truck owners like to make their own repairs or do their own maintenance on their vehicles and Chevrolet owners are no different. It gives you a sense of achievement to fix your own car rather than pay a garage mechanic to do something that probably only takes a few minutes, but they chgarge you for a few hours. Know what I mean?

Well, if you do like to bypass that little problem and do the easy repairs and maintenance yourself, then you're gonna need Chevrolet spares at some stage - and you want to do it so as it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg.

So we've found a website that puts you directly in touch with a perfectly legit and money saving online provider of more than you can shake a stick at!

I mean eBay, of course.

Except you don't have to go to eBay and spend a whole day tryin' to figure out where to find the stuff you want. This site takes you straight there in a flash!

Here's the links they got up already and they're planning to add more pages if there's enough interest

ou never know, that elusive Chevrolet part you've been searching for all this time might just turn up right there!

YouTube Chevrolet

Just thought you might like to take a look at this...

Link Lenses

Here's a clever way of keeping all of my automobile related lenses together. At the same time I can give them all some link juice to help them rank in the search engines! From this lens, I can link to three other automotive lenses and spread the word.

I'll begin with Chevrolet Chicago which covers a lot of information to do with Chevrolet Chicago. There you'll find reviews on some of the local Chevrolet clubs and associations that are either within or very close to the Chicago city limits.

After that, we move back up north again but this time to Utah where I have an equally specialized but informative lens in Used Cars.

That's about all for this point in time - I'll add more lenses as I go along and create them!

Please leave a message in my guestbook if you like this lens! Thanks

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      Great lens on the amazing chevrolet


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