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Choosing the Best Tipper Truck for Your Needs

Updated on January 28, 2016
Choosing the best tipper truck is a challenging process
Choosing the best tipper truck is a challenging process

Tipper trucks have always been popular among the representatives of different professions. This especially concerns builders, farmers, freight businesses and other companies, which frequently face the necessity to transport heavy goods or move bulky items from one place to another. This means that tippers are mainly used in those situations when the usage of domestic autos and passenger cars is impossible. If you are currently going to buy a tipper truck to meet any of your needs, keep in mind the following recommendations.

1. Define the Required Truckload

Before you start looking for a tipper truck that meets your needs most of all, it is important to define the required truckload, which is measured in tonnes. The truckload makes it possible to identify the amount and weight of heavy goods a vehicle will be able to transport. What you should know is that tippers come in different load capacities that range from two and up to five tonnes. In case you are looking for a vehicle to be used as a means of transporting goods on its top, then you should also check the size of the ram a tipper has.

2. Consider the Size

Tippers do not differ in load capacity only. They are also available in different sizes. Smaller tipper trucks have the construction that resembles that of commercial vehicles. Many of them come with cab van chassis and have special hydraulic pumps and built-in power supply devices that make it possible to use the auto for the fulfillment of specific tipper functions.

Tippers of larger sizes are primarily used in those situations, when there is the need to transport or move heavy weight items that are too bulky to be transported by smaller tipper trucks. Their construction resembles that of smaller vehicles of the same type, but they have more powerful engines and, thus, are used to accomplish tasks of higher complexity levels in the construction sites, freight transportation and other suchlike businesses.

Tipper trucks are used for transporting heavy loads and moving bulky items
Tipper trucks are used for transporting heavy loads and moving bulky items

3. To Buy or to Hire?

Hiring a tipper for a specific purpose is much cheaper as compared to buying the one. You just have to make sure the process complies with the regulations and laws existing in your location. Hiring a tipper truck or a trailer is a nice option, when you have to use it for several times, for example. Of course, if you own a freight company or any other business of this kind, you will not go without a reliable tipper truck. In this case, the purchase is not a whim, but a must.

4. Find Out the Laws and Regulations

As mentioned above, buying a tipper is not possible and legal without the official permissions. Furthermore, you will have to get a special driver’s license that allows you taking a vehicle of this type on the road. Some countries, by the way, have a separate registry of tipper trucks and trailers. This especially concerns large vehicles.

Nowadays, there are numerous tippers for sale, so it is up to you to select the vehicle you currently need. Just consider the above mentioned aspects before making your choice and may your purchase be a success!


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