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How To File An Auto Insurance Claim

Updated on August 12, 2017
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It is very important that you know exactly what to do in a case of an auto insurance claim. It goes a pretty long way helping you to avoid so many hassles involved in the process. In a situation that your car had an accident, damage from fire, theft or even flood, you can get very good monetary values for your insurance if you judiciously follow these steps:

Put a call

Put a call through to your insurance agent or a local company rep. as quickly as you can irrespective of the distance you find yourself or how the accident happened making a requisition on procedures and the required forms or documents to support your claims. A "proof of loss" form such as medical and auto repair bills claim or copy of the police report may be required by your insurance company as well as documents pointing to your claim.

You can always find your insurance agent's or insurance company's phone contact on the front of your insurance card, online and in your policy documents.

Supply information

Make sure to cooperate with your insurance company by providing correct information they require to do their investigation, settlement or defense of your claim. Also turn over copies of any legal papers you receive in connection with your loss to your insurer as fast as possible. All of these will enable your insurer represent and defend you should there be a claim against you as a result of the accident.

The following details will be required of you by your insurer:

Your complete name and policy number.

Your policy start and end date.

Precise date and time of the accident.

Names, phone numbers, and addresses of all drivers, passengers, and witnesses.

License plate numbers for all drivers and driver's license.

Show expenses

Ensure that all records of your expenses and copies of your paper work are well kept. You may get reimbursement of the expenses you made because of an auto. Your no-fault insurer will usually pay your hospital and medical bills, and possibly other costs.

Find an Attorney

Bringing in the counsel of an accident claims attorney may be necessary in some few situations in other to speed up all the processes. Again as earlier explained, be sure to furnish the attorney with the correct information to expedite the processes.

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