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The Chrysler Crossfire | Sports Car

Updated on November 29, 2014

The Chrysler Crossfire

This site is dedicated to a car I fell in love with. I've owned 2 of them with my current one being a 2008 Limited Roadster in silver with red interior.

I love the design and they look so great on the road. That said it's not perfect and critics where not always in love with the Crossfire.

For my personal tastes this is one of the best looking cars ever made.

The two-seater arrived in 2001 as a concept car designed by Eric Stoddard[3] with further refinement by Andrew Dyson[4] before beginning production in 2003. The first coupe was in 2004 with Roadsters arriving shortly after in 2005.

The Chrysler Crossfire

"The two-seater arrived in 2001 as a concept car designed by Eric Stoddard with further refinement by Andrew Dyson before beginning production in 2003. The Crossfire's fastback roof and broad rear fenders made for a rear end design that prompted automotive journalists to describe the new car's resemblance to American Motor's 1965-1967 Marlin.

The name Crossfire refers to the two character lines that run from front to rear along the body sides - crossing each other midway through the door panel. Conceived during the period of Chrysler's ownership by Daimler-Benz, the name also refers to the collaboration of the two companies."

The car pictured here and in some of the other shots is my own. I previously owned a 2004 coupe in Sapphire blue. The Roadster is actually bright silver, but appears blue in most shots because it's reflecting sky. They came in some very nice exterior colors like Graphite, dark blue gray, gold, yellow, and burgundy. Black and white where also available. I am a member of the International Crossfire Club. You can find everything you want to know about these beautiful machines at the site.

Interior Design

The Crossfire has one of the most elegant and attractive interiors that's a nice change from the norm. While it feels a little behind the times, it has a classy appearance. The AC rolling controls and glove box latch appear cheap but the rest of the interior is really nice. The interior is especially nice in cedar (red). Interior colors: dark gray, gray 2 toned, beige, & cedar.


Heated seats, anti tow alarm, spoiler control, Dual climate controls, and traction control on and off.

Some vehicles, like mine come equiped with a primative yet effective GPS. Mine is set up with the European female voice. Nice.

This is one of the most visual impressive center consoles I've seen for a car under 50 grand.

The original list price of my Roadster was about $42,000 but these days used Roadsters can be found for under $22,000 easy.

2008 was the last year for the Crossfire.

The Engine

The standard transmission is a 6-speed manual with an optional 5-speed automatic. Base (Standard) and Limited models, originally sold beginning in the 2004 model year, are equipped with a 3.2 L, 18-valve, SOHC V6 engine which produces 215 hp (160 kW) and 229 foot-pounds (310 N·m) of torque.

The 6-speed transmission on the Chrysler Crossfire is a variant of the NSG-370. The automatic transmission on the Crossfire achieves a better EPA fuel efficiency rating over the 6MT, mostly due to the difference in gear ratios.

Unlike most sport cars of its time, the Crossfire does not use a rack and pinion steering system; instead, it utilizes a recirculating ball system.

Crossfire Commercials

Original Concept Car


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