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Classic Old Car Pictures. Is It Classic Cars or Vintage Cars?

Updated on May 31, 2011

Is It A Classic Car or Vintage?

Understanding Classic Cars

When you see a classic car roll by, or when you see one at a car show, you might instinctively know that you are drawn to classic cars, but you may not know what defines a classic car. A classic car, especially one that has been well-maintained or restored with a great deal of love and care, is always in a class by itself, but what makes it so appealing, and why are we so drawn to them? Take a moment to think about classic cars and what makes them special.

When thinking about classic cars, it is first important to establish when they were first manufactured. There are several definitions of how old a car has to be before it is considered a classic. For instance, according to the Classic Car Club of America, a car needs to have been manufactured between 1925 to 1959 to be considered a classic. Similarly, the Antique Automobile Club of America says that a car must be only 25 years old. On the other hand, you will find those who consider some modern cars 15 to 25 years old, also classic cars.

It is important to remember that there are also many ways to treat classic cars. Some people feel as though a thoroughly restored vintage or classic car should be drivable on a regular basis, while others prefer their classic cars to sit for display in the showroom. Whether you choose to take your classic car on the road or you prefer to only drive it for very short periods, remember that there are safety concerns. Classic cars will tend to lack rollover protection, crumple zones or even seat belts, and the handling and braking that you will see is more primitive than what you might be used to if you primarily drive modern cars.

1936 Ford Coupe

Classic 1936 Ford Coupe
Classic 1936 Ford Coupe

1936 Ford Coupe

Classic Car 1936 Ford
Classic Car 1936 Ford

Vintage or Classic Car?

One issue that you might run into when you are looking at classic cars is how to separate them from vintage cars. What you need to remember is that the end of the Second World War brought with it an important break in the design of vehicles. The replaceable fender, replaceable headlights and the vertical grill treatment became a thing of the past. Many people regard these important stylistic and functional details to be things that will always separate the classic car from the older vintage models, no matter what year they have chosen. A few other factors that distinguish a classic car from an older vintage car includes things like custom coachwork, power brakes and other luxury features of the newer classic cars.

1936 Ford Coupe Convertible

Vintage vs. Classic 1919-1925

The vintage car is considered vintage in the U.S.A. by the years of production 1919 to 1925. The British car collectors use the cut off date of 1930. Personally, I tend to believe that this five year difference is caused by an overlap of the two distinct classic and vintage car periods. During this overlap of five years the vintage car was slowly changing and the classic car was in a state of development.

1929 Ford Vintage/Classic

Vintage/Classic Ford
Vintage/Classic Ford

1940 Ford Deluxe

Classic Cars 1940 Ford
Classic Cars 1940 Ford

My Private Car Show

Whether you are a collector or merely an interested onlooker, you will discover that there are many options for you to enjoy classic cars. Take a moment to take in a local car show, check out classic cars online, or simply look out your front window.A few weeks back I was setting in the living room of my friend's home, as we sat there for about six hours we had seen no less than forty classic cars and vintage roll by. We had our own private car show going on.

Reno's Hot August Nights is almost here! What you find at Reno's "Hot August Nights" are some of the best looking cars you'll see all year. Hundreds of thousands of people always show up for this event, around 800,000 to be exact. You will find the girls and boys all hopping down at the sock hop, and the old style cruise going on. Rock and Roll Concerts fill the night as everyone takes a step back down memory lane.July 31 - Aug. 9, 2009

Classic Car Poll

Have Modern Cars Improved In Style vs. The Old Classic Cars and Vintage?

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The Goodguys 2009 Hot Rod & Customs Car Show Schedule

Have you ever tried to find a good car show online? I have, and all I find are pictures but no dates and locations of real time car shows. I finally located a website that has an extensive listing of real car shows, so I thought I would share it with you. Just go here; Muscle Cars

The Goodguys 09 HotRod, Custom Car Show


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    • Ram Dion profile image

      Ram Dion 6 years ago from mldives

      wow classic car is my second wife.i have one of morris minor .so its my SECOND LADY.I LOVE THIS........

    • profile image

      Erin Riley 7 years ago

      I was glad I found this! i recently purchased a 1970 FJ 40 Cruiser and was wondering what kind of vehicle, classic or spcial interest or what. Perhaps you can help me out! Reading this also reminded me of my grandfathers '63 Subaru Avanti . . . I used to go to Avanti Car CLub Meetings with him all the time! Thanks!

    • born to be free profile image

      born to be free 7 years ago

      Hello and thank you for commenting vietnam vet, I love sharing the old car pictures they take us back to a better place and time.

    • vietnamvet68 profile image

      vietnamvet68 7 years ago from New York State

      WOW - love this hub, the old car pictures brings back a lot of memories of the cars i use to have, thanks for sharing.

    • born to be free profile image

      born to be free 8 years ago

      Hello Nancy, kinda scarry, I remember when the classic cars didn't seem that old. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day Nancy,


    • profile image

      Nancy's Niche 8 years ago

      Classics--WOW, yak gottal love 'em...My uncle has a Model A with the bumper seat. I loved riding in that old car...