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The 5 most common car repairs done by auto mechanics

Updated on November 16, 2012

Fix your car before it runs down

Automobiles are very complex machines so they sometimes can cause disappointment when they develop faults. Understanding the 5 most common car repair will help keep you on the watch for the most probable issues that can arise from the use of your automobile, and help you know where to focus most in your car repairs.

Break fixes in car repairs

The brake is one of the most common car repair done by auto mechanics because of the importance and frequent use of the system. Most vehicles will need their brake changed or repair every 40,000 miles or less. Fixing the brake pads is easy and in-expensive. But if you're installing new brake pads or you're doing a disc, rotor or drum repairs then you should expect the price to go higher. You should know that the brakes in your car is one of the most critical aspects of vehicle safety so ensure that you attend to them as soon as they develop fault.

Tire repair

The tires of your car carry the entire weight of your vehicle so they are most exposed to frequent wear and tear; this is why they are one of the 5 most common car repairs. They are also exposed to punctures by sharp objects and road debris. Tires may also need to be repaired as a result of abnormal usage, or worn out for using them regularly on poor roads. Tire repair/maintenance are cheap, but if you require a replacement then the price can go up.

Oil change and oil leaks

The moment you begin to notice oil drops and patches on your driveway, you should know that you need to fix it to protect your engine. Oil leak in not a serious issue but it can lead to more severe problems if left unchecked. Also changes are also very important because they can help make the car engine last longer and they increase the resell value of the car. This is why you should endeavor to change car engine oils every few thousand miles to have them running in the best condition.

Ignition system car repairs

Sometimes the reason why a car will not start is as a result of the batteries. But most times the problem can be from the ignition system itself. If the problem is the batteries then the solution is simple since they can easily be made to work again by recharging. But if the problem is in the ignition then there is need for more technical diagnosis and repair which is done only by experts. This can cost you quite a high amount of money.

Electrical system repairs

The electrical systems of a car are always in use so they are one of the 5 most common car repairs auto mechanics perform. Electrical system issues may include simple problem fixes like lamp bulbs and blown fuses. But their can also be more complicated electrical issues like tire installations and repair, electrical system fixes, cabling fixes and voltage problems. Whatever the type or brand of car you use, you now know the most common issues that can make your car disappoint you. So, make use of this information to put yourself on guard, so you can enjoy the services of your car all year round.


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