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Custom Gear Shift Knobs

Updated on October 24, 2013

Customized Shift Knobs for your Car & Truck

Car and truck owners enjoy improving their vehicles. One of the easiest ways to increase performance is by buying a custom shift knob. Gear shift knobs are available in various shapes and sizes, and each one has different features.

If you find yourself pondering the upgrades you may create to your car to add personality and individualism, custom shift knobs should be one of the primary details you look at. This is an effective way to place your vehicle apart from stock models. There are literally thousands of different shift knobs on the market and, since shift knobs are usually universal, the options are endless. With so many choices, you need to narrow them down to choose the right shift knob for you.

Understanding what a shift knob is can help you make better buying choices. Shift knobs have been around for a long time. The first car had a shift knob. Today, however, shift knobs are commonly used to improve the interior of a vehicle. Shift knobs also increase the performance of a vehicle. The average time it takes to shift gears is improved when a better knob is installed. Various materials are used to made the device, such as steel. Steel knobs is very stylish, and they are the best knobs available because steel is very dense. Heavy knobs are better because they have more kinetic energy when shifting gears. The heavy weight helps the knob travel to the next gear without much effect from the user. Some shift knobs, however, are made from light weight materials. Avoid this knobs because they will not improve overall performance.

There are two popular gear shift knob companies. The companies are Momo and StreetGlow Neon. The racing industry is known for gear shift knobs, and Momo understands this. This company has designed gears for many years. They also make devices for high performance vehicles. Customers use the gear knobs that Momo offer because they are easy to install. They are ideal for automatic and manual transmission vehicles. The general design of the knob is leather. Comfort matters to the company because the knob molds to fit the userĂ¢s hand. Users have no issues with the installation because all hardware is included with the kit.

StreetGlow Neon is a unique company because the designs stand out. They offer high performance knobs that are neon and gears that glow in the dark. The knobs are also comfortable. Designs are available in nine colors. The only negative thing about the knobs is that they are only designed for manual shifters.

Buying a custom shift knob is not challenging. If you buy one that is made of stainless steel, you will not have any issues.

Who Would You Buy a Custom Shift Knob From?

Custom Shift Knobs
Custom Shift Knobs

How Does Your Shift Knob Attach?

Nearly all shift knobs screw onto the end of a shaft that is possibly exposed (older vehicles) or covered in a rubberized sheath. Take your stock (or current) shift knob off to see how it connects, therefore you know which kind to look for or to check to see if modification is needed.

-Take into account the Shift Knob Opportunities

Shift knobs really are an expression of self and personality. You have the chance to customize the inside of your vehicle with something that not merely other people will see, but that you will be in contact with on a regular basis. This could range from hobbies and interests to collections or novelties. Narrow down the styles of shift knobs you are most excited about.

Shift Knobs
Shift Knobs

Comparison Shop for Shift Knobs

-Comparison Shop for Shift Knobs-

Once you know the style of shift knob you are looking for, it's the time find the way around the wide ocean that is aftermarket interior parts. This is a huge industry with thousands of manufacturers and distributors all making the same parts. The key is always to find the ones supplying strong warranties, a wide variety, fast shipping and reasonable pricing.

Shift knobs are one of the best ways to customize the interior of your vehicle and, with the amount of choices available at reasonable prices; you can change your shift knob as quickly as you change your clothes (if you want). Exhibit your character by determining the best shift knob to convey whom you are to the universe and produce a little style to your regular commute.

Custom Shift Knobs

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