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Digital Tire Pressure Gauge Reviews - How to Select Best Tire Pressure Gauge

Updated on February 17, 2014

Tips to Buy Best Tire Pressure Gauge

Boy scouts are forever known as always being prepared. In fact, this slogan has been their motto for several years. Being prepared is not only applicable to the boy scouts. Preparation is the key to success. It is also the one thing that can prevent any accident or disaster. When we talk about vehicle maintenance, the first things that come to mind are the engine and other parts within its vicinity. The tires are almost forgotten since they are low-maintenance parts of the vehicle. What we do not know however is that tires require an adequate amount of pressure inside of them in order to function properly. There are circumstances, especially in off-road or cross-country driving, wherein there is no gas station available in order to measure the pressure present within the tire. This is the main reason why there is a digital tire pressure gauge.

A digital tire pressure gauge is a battery powered device which can measure the pressure inside the tire. This product is very small in size and can fit inside the glove box of any car. It is very handy to have since it does not consume much charge during each use. Also, it will prevent the tire from deflating or bursting due to the build-up of pressure inside. Remember that gas expands once it heats up meaning that the pressure inside the tire is higher after it has been used for some time. It is therefore advised to use the digital tire pressure gauge after 20-30 minutes of driving in order to get a correct reading of the pressure of the tire.

When looking for a digital tire pressure gauge, there are several things to look out for. The first thing to check is the handle. Since this device is stored inside the care, the handle should be made of rubber to prevent melting or stickiness of the handle. The second thing to check is the display. Larger displays are easier to read than smaller displays.

Accutire MS-4021B Digital Tire Gauge Review

Accuracy through Accutire

A company which is dedicated to manufacturing only a single product line can only be expected to design and create the best products. Such is the case with Accutire. For over 10 years, Accutire has been creating tire gauges for the convenience of the masses. Each of their designs has a unique feature which sets it apart from its brothers and ultimately from any other tire pressure gauge. The Accutire MS-4021B Digital Tire Gauge is a testimony to this fact.

Accutire MS-4021B Digital Tire Pressure Gauge
Accutire MS-4021B Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Knowing the benefits of having a good tire pressure gauge is what fuels Accutire to create only the best. The Accutire MS-4021B Digital Tire Gauge was designed in such a way as to remove the problem of fitting the tire pressure gauge properly. The first and most notable thing to be noticed with this tire pressure gauge is the angled head. The angled head makes it easy to attach this device onto the tire. Also, the handle was made using rubber which further enhances the grip. This tire pressure gauge also has a large LCD display which uses a black background and red color for the numbers. This makes it usable even under the darkness of night. The large screen is dedicated only to the reading of the tire pressure. There are no other misleading signs or symbols displayed by the LCD.

The Accutire MS-4021B Digital Tire Gauge is a very accurate measuring tool. It has a deviancy of only +/- 0.05 PSI with a 0.5 pound increment. It can also measure pressure from all tire sizes with a range of five to one hundred and fifty PSI. Also, this device features a solid and sturdy design which means that it can last for a very long time. Finally, it has an automatic turn off feature which is effective in saving up the charge of the battery.


TEKTON 5941 Digital Tire Gauge

Light in Darkness - Another Popular Model

Every motorist’s worst nightmare is having to repair the car in the darkness of night. Adding the scenario of having no streetlights to help is simply a disaster. In these cases, it is best to have a flashlight handy just in case. We have to admit it though, almost none of us bring along flashlights inside our car. This makes even the simplest task of having to measure the tire pressure very tasking. While the device has a backlit LCD, the process of attaching the device to the tire is very hard. This problem is answered by the TEKTON 5941 Digital Tire Gauge.

TEKTON 5941 Digital Tire Gauge, 100 PSI
TEKTON 5941 Digital Tire Gauge, 100 PSI

The TEKTON 5941 Digital Tire Gauge is a new product which features a lighted nozzle for an easier time attaching the tire pressure gauge to the tire. It also has a backlit LCD which displays clear numbers even at night. It also has a range selector for a more accurate measurement of the tire pressure. It features a pistol grip design for easier handling as well as ergonomic purposes. Also, it can be attached to other equipment for easier accessibility. This device uses a coin type battery similar to those found in watches. It can be replaced easily by simply unscrewing the battery cover.

It can measure tire pressure within the range of 0 to 100 PSI. It allows increments as small as 0.5 PSI while having great accuracy give or take 0.05 PSI. This tire pressure gauge is not complicated and can easily be used. It forms a seal with the stem which can be felt by the user. The feeling is similar to air being sucked by a vacuum cleaner. This indicator is not felt with other tire pressure gauges which gives the TEKTON 5941 Digital Tire Gauge an advantage over the others.


AmazonBasics Programmable Digital Tire Gauge Review

A New Contender

In the world of vehicles, big names are often used to signify qualify. This true even for the simplest of gadgets related to cars. Devices used to measure pressure inside the tires is known as a tire pressure gauge. Several brands which are known for manufacturing tires have made their own tire pressure gauges. This does not mean however that their products are the best. Introducing the AmazonBasics Programmable Digital Tire Gauge. This device is a revolutionary product in the world of tire pressure gauges both for its features and its design.

AmazonBasics Programmable Digital Tire Gauge
AmazonBasics Programmable Digital Tire Gauge

The AmazonBasics Programmable Digital Tire Gauge is probably the only thing that you will need to help with problems relating to tire pressure. It has a programmable tire pressure setting which remembers the tire pressure for every car that you have. Also, it has a built in flashlight as well as having a backlit display for night time use. It has a large measurement range ranging from 5 to 99 PSI. It also has a case included which protects this tire pressure gauge from damage.

The new features found in the AmazonBasics Programmable Digital Tire Gauge are the swivel head and air bleed system. The swivel head makes it easy to attach this tire pressure gauge to hard-to-reach valve stems. This feature is ideal for tires which have valve stems near or inside the spokes. The air bleed system allows this product to reduce the pressure on over-inflated tires. This feature is beneficial especially for cold climates when people tend to over-inflate their tires. Having over-inflated tires will reduce the life of the tire and may even lead to bursting of the tire. Also, over-inflated tires will reduce gas efficiency. You will find that you travelled less distance but still consumed the same amount of gas when driving with over-inflated tires.


Accutire MS-4355GB Programmable Tire Gauge Review

Take It from the Pioneers

Accutire has been developing their line of tire pressure gauges for over ten years now. It is safe to say that, in the course of ten years, they have produced only the best tire pressure gauges ever released in the market. This large time span made it possible for their company to produce tire pressure gauges which have features that not only measures the pressure but also assists the user in doing so. Couple this time span with the development of technology and you will have the Accutire MS-4355GB Programmable Tire Gauge as a result.

Michelin MN-12279 Digital Programmable Tire Gauge Review

From the Leading Brands

Michelin will forever be remembered for manufacturing quality tires. In fact, many consider their company to be the leading authority in anything and everything that is related to automobile tires. This reason is what made Michelin manufacture several accessories which are used to test tire quality as well as for tire maintenance. The Michelin MN-12279 Digital Programmable Tire Gauge is a tire pressure gauge which is used to maintain the proper amount of pressure inside the tire.

Michelin MN-12279 Digital Programmable Tire Gauge with Light
Michelin MN-12279 Digital Programmable Tire Gauge with Light

The Michelin MN-12279 Digital Programmable Tire Gauge has a very sleek design which can be compared to a futuristic gun. The large handle makes it very easy to grip and the metal nozzle ensures that pressure will not escape each time a reading is taken. The large handle is further complemented by the rubberized soft grip. This tire pressure gauge is programmable in a sense that it remembers the desired pressure for both the rear and front tires. For night time use, an LED flashlight is installed near the nozzle for easier attachment to the tire valve. The LCD display is also backlit for clearer readings.

It is one if not the most accurate tire pressure gauge today. It displays pressure up to 0.1 PSI while only having +/- 1% error in reading. A storage pouch is included to protect this product. It is to be noted that, unlike previous generations of tire pressure gauges, this product was never meant to be attached to other equipment. In short, it should only be taken out if there is a need for it. Even with the many features installed, Michelin has done its part in trying to maintain the sturdiness of this product. They achieve this by using a die cast rugged housing. Michelin MN-12279 Digital Programmable Tire Gauge ensures that a cushion is in place every time this device accidentally falls on the floor.


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    • Zach Mcgowan profile image

      Zach Mcgowan 

      4 years ago from Alhambra, California

      There's something new in the market today in which I saw in amazon. Mountaincrest Digital Tire Gauge. I'm planning to buy it but i'm looking for some detailed reviews about it. But it's pretty enticing, nice built.

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      It's a very useful info. Thanks for sharing.

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      It's a very useful info. Thanks for sharing.

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      5 years ago

      These are handy little gadgets that everyone should have.

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      Deborah Carr 

      5 years ago from Orange County, California

      It is always so handy to keep a tire pressure gauge in the glove box!


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