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DVLA Theory Test

Updated on July 8, 2013

DVLA Theory Test

If you are ready to take your DVLA Theory Test there are some things you need to know!

Your provisional license is valid on your 17th birthday at the earliest. You can apply up to three months before your 17th birthday to take the theory test even after you have received your provisional license.

Your provisional license is in effect at 16 if you receive a disability allowance at he highest rate.

You must have a provisional license In Northern Ireland or Great Britain if you are just learning to drive. The vehicle you take your test in must be currently road worthy and properly taxed and insured.

When you practice your driving you must be accompanied by an adult who has had their full license for three years and who is over the age of 21.

Your plates must reflect that you are learning to drive and must be securely attached to both the front and rear vehicle bumpers when driving.

If you have not had a license before then you will also need to have a provisional license before you get a full drivers license.

You need to take your theory test before you take your practical test. The computer -based theory test can be taken at several locations around the country. Please check the DSA website for locations and to book your test.

The DVLA Theory Test - What You Need To Know To Pass It.

The Highway Code - This handbook is essential reading for all who use the roadways. It contains the most recent advice and laws on roadway safety and is a must read for drivers, motorcyclists, pedestrians, and equestrians.

Traffic Signs - You will need to know each of the traffic signs and what they mean. You must also be able to read the traffic signs.

Theory Test Questions - You need to obtain the latest print-out of the theory test questions as published by the DSA. Since these questions may occasionally change you need to make sure you have the latest copy of them. You need to study them and even take a mock theory test of them. Doing so can prove beneficial in taking the actual theory test.

Hazard Perception Test Preparation - To prepare for this portion of your test you will need to have access to a personal computer. You can find videos, DVD's, CD ROMs, and even some websites that provide online theory test, practice videos and materials for the video portion of the DVLA test.

The First Part - Multiple-Choice

When you take your driving test theory you will need to answer at least 43 of the 50 randomly selected multiple-choice questions in order to pass it. A 15-minute practice theory test is available if you wish to take it before the test.

The Second Part - Hazards Perception

The second portion of your driving test theory will consist of 14 videos containing 15 common road hazards. Each video is about a minute long and is worth up to 5 points per hazard. The earlier you spot a hazard during the video the higher your possible score. You must gain a score of at least 44 of the possible 75 in order to pass this portion of the test.

Your Testing Day

When you are ready to take your test you can make an appointment at one of the testing centers in the country. Please consult the DSA website for convenient locations and times and to book theory test. Regular testing hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 3:27 p.m. Premium testing hours are higher rated Monday through Friday during the evening and all day on Saturdays.

You can expect your driving test to last about 40 minutes. During the test your examiner will be monitoring your safety standards and driving abilities. Please be co-operative and drive safely during any exercise you are asked to carry out. You are allowed up to 15 minor mistakes when you take your test. However, if you make a particularly dangerous mistake then you will fail the test.

After completing the practical portion of the test you may ask your examiner for feedback. If you have passed or failed, this feedback can help you improve your driving abilities for your next test or for when you become a driver. The report form the examiner will give you will help you prepare for your next test if you have failed. In which case you have to wait a full ten business days before you can reschedule your test.

Getting Your License

You will be asked if you wish to obtain your full driving license issued automatically. If you have a full driving license which was issued before the first of March of 2004, or you do not want to be issued your full driving license just yet, then you will be handed a certificate of completion which proves that you have passed your theory driving test and practical driving test. This certificate has instructions on the back telling you how to proceed in obtaining your new license.

However, if you do pass or your current license was issued after the first of March of 2004, then you simply need to present the examiner with your old license. The examiner will take your old license or the information from your certificate and send the information to the DVLA. You should receive your new license in the mail in about three weeks. Your certificate will allow you to drive for now.


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