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How to change oil easily

Updated on October 6, 2013

Oil change

How to remove engine oil from sump via dip stick.

Im always looking for a way to do things easier and faster So when I came across one of these oil extractors I bought it.

I was so impressed with it I decided to write about it .

Oil change on a regular basis is the most important Part of maintenance you can do to your car .

Most car breakdowns are down to lubrication or contamination.

Not everybody wants to lie under their car trying to get the sump nut off.

The oil extraction unit below makes the job a lot easier.

If you want to have an Easy Motor Oil Change , it is well worth buying a vacuum liquid evacuator.

These units suck the oil out of the engine through the oil dipstick hole for you and into a 7 litre container and saves you the trouble of removing your oil sump nut.

I have have used this for lawnmowers,cars they are really fantastic .

Car maintenance

How to do oil change

How to do a motor oil change.

Changing your motor oil is easy depending on a few factors.

Make sure you can locate gain easy access to your oil filter. Check your car workshop manual for location details.

You have the correct new filter and motor oil for your car.

Oil filter removal tool.

And a Vacuum oil/Fluid unit like the one above.

Step 1

While your engine is till warm park it on level ground and switch of ignition.

Step 2

Remove your oil dipstick and insert the narrow hose on your vacuum oil extractor into the dipstick hole till you feel it touch the bottom of the oil sump.

Oil extractor makes a messy job easy.

In short, this works great. I got it in 2 days after ordering, and it was in perfect shape. I checked, and there were no cracks or crazing in the plastic where it was screwed together. The translucent plastic also appears to be very thick - I can't imagine the vacuum pump in this ever being strong enough to collapse it, as one review described. I work in an engine laboratory and deal with automotive tools daily - this is as high quality as most other tools you'd find in a professional garage.

Oil filter removal

How to remove oil filter

Step 3

Pump the handle on the vacuum extractor unit you will see the oil starting to be sucked out .

This can take a few minutes to an hour so go of and have a soda and when you come back your oil is extracted.

Clean your oil dipstick and put it back into its hole.


Remove your oil filter by placing something under filter to catch the excess oil and place the oil filter spanner around the filter then turn anti clockwise depending on the make of car.


Get your new filter and rub some oil on the threads and rubber seal before screwing it on with your hand in a clockwise direction just hand tighten it as tight as you can ,do not use spanner as it could damage the threads.


Remove your oil filler cap and fill the recommended quantity and type of oil by your car manufactures manual.

Check your oil dipstick for level of oil just clean it in between checks.

Make sure you do not overfill too much oil is as bad as too little oil.

Step 7

Start your engine and check for leaks around your oil filter.

Happy motoring.

Oil extractor video demo - Engine oil extractor demo

This is a oil extractor removing oil from motor bike engine but same principal for cars,lawnmowers, etc

Oil extractors

Oils extractors are great and turn a nasty job into a much easier task.

Let me know if found this information useful - Easy oil change

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