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Eco Friendly Motorcycle Travel Tips!

Updated on October 28, 2014

Great Motorcycle Trips to Eco-Destinations

If you want to take some great motorcycle trips to eco-destinations within the U.S, you'll find plenty of places that you'll want to visit. No matter where you live, you'll find destinations which are close enough for day trips as well as those which require a longer trip on the road, which is a good thing.

But it is well worth it to go see some of the places which may not be with us much longer.

In this article I will reveal some of my favorite places to travel on my motorcycle, and I will also provide motorcycle camping trip ideas and campsite tips. So get ready for some fun adventures, and lets begin!

Grand Canyon

Horse Shoe Bend Grand Canyon
Horse Shoe Bend Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a popular eco destination which can make a great motorcycle trip. The magnificence of the vistas, the amazing layers of history revealed are awe inspiring.

It is a trip that everyone should try to incorporate into their agenda at some time. Anyone visiting this amazing gorge in the Earth is impressed and will never forget the trip.

So, why not go by motorcycle and save lots on travel. If you camp along the way, you save even more in lodging costs.

El Tovar Hotel would be worth a stay because of it's history. It first opened it's doors in 1905. It has housed some of the most influential people in human history including Einstein and Roosevelt. Check it out, it's amazing.

The picture above is of Horse Shoe Bend which is on north rim of the Grand Canyon.

Yellowstone National Park

yellowstone park
yellowstone park

Yellowstone National Park is another must-see and is perfect for a motorcycle trip. While it is best visited in summer due to the cold winters which cause many roads to be closed, it is a trip of a lifetime.

Old Faithful Geyer is a site of a lifetime. The amazing wildlife and beautiful environment make this a place you do not want to miss and it's perfect for a motorcycle destination vacation.

One of the most popular motorcycle camping sites at Yellowstone is called, Yellowstone Valley Inn and RV Park. It maintains a 4 star rating (out of 5) with 88 reviews. That's pretty good considering most people are hard to please. There's nothing spectacular about it, but it is a good overall camping site and Inn for those of us that don't want to rough it too much.

Rocky Mountains

Rocky Mountain National Park
Rocky Mountain National Park

The Rocky Mountains are another place you want to see. The beautiful vistas, snow in summer, and quaint mining towns are worth the trip.

Be sure to travel along at least one older pass instead of sticking solely to the Interstate highways. You won't be sorry. For example, you'll have guaranteed fun and excitement on Trail Ridge Road! That would be a good road for any biker to travel on.

Fall is a great time to travel here because the temperatures are not yet frigid and the aspen trees in full color are amazing to see.

Every shade of gold leaves shimmer in the breeze, making a sight you'll see no where else in the United States.

Trail Ridge Road Adventure:

bok tower
bok tower

Bok Tower Gardens

If you want a travel destination in Florida that is a real eco-adventure, go to Bok Tower Gardens.

This sanctuary and garden located just outside Lake Wales, Florida on the highest point in the state. Wildlife abounds and the squirrels demand to be fed.

The beautiful carillon plays on the hour and you don't want to miss these events. You will find this a great place to go on a day trip if you live nearby and take a picnic lunch.

You can spend hours and hours wandering through the pathways which contain native Floridian plants that are clearly marked for identification.

You can easily spend an entire day here and wish you had several days to enjoy at Bok Tower Gardens.

eco friendly motorcycle camping trip
eco friendly motorcycle camping trip

Thoughts On Eco Friendly Destinations

These are only a few of the eco-destination trips available in the United States which make great motorcycle trips. Just look near your home for day trip destinations which offer great environmental viewing opportunities. You can enjoy a trip for a minimal cost since most of these places to see are free or cost very little for entrance free which is used to maintain the sites and keep them natural.

While Bike Week and Sturgis Bike Rally are trips you don't want to miss, those are not the only great motorcycle trips available to you. Enjoy some eco-destinations while they are still pristine and you can see them easily. They may not be there for us very long.

motorcycle camping
motorcycle camping

Eco-friendly Motorcycle Camping: Leave Only Your Tire Tracks, Take Only Your Memories

Environmentally responsible motorcycle camping is a part which every bike enthusiast who loves to ride out for a camping weekend or longer trip should always keep in mind. We are all aware of the dwindling resources our planet holds and how easy it is to harm our environment. These eco-friendly camping tips for motorcycle trips will help you be a responsible Earth citizen.

There was a day that bikers, as a whole, were blamed for drinking beer and tossing cans into the undergrowth, leaving trash at campsites, tearing up foliage, and otherwise leaving an environmental disaster behind. While not every motorcycle enthusiast has behaved in this manner, we have all taken the blame over the years by the less adventurous members of our society.

Today, no one has the luxury of being uncaring about our environment. If we want our children to have the right to ride and resources with which to travel, we must act now to be extremely responsible.

5 Simple Eco Motorcycle Camping Tips:

  1. Planning Your Trip: When planning your motorcycle camping trip, establish a route that keeps you on recognized roads and trails. Deviating into fields or off-road situations can seriously damage sensitive plants and start the erosion process. Locate campgrounds along your route and avoid setting up camp in environmentally sensitive areas.
  2. Cooking Tips: When cooking at your campsite, be cautious with fire. Sparks and campfires not completely doused, especially in dry weather, can start devastating wildfires which kill wildlife as well as destroy their habitat.
  3. Always Clean Up Your Campsite: All food containers, paper plates and cups, and other debris should be placed in a waste container. If your trash contains food scraps, be sure it is taken to a waste receptacle which will not attract potentially dangerous wildlife to the camping area.

    This practice is crucial for your own safety as well as that of other campers. Aluminum cans and recyclable plastic and glass containers should be saved and taken to a recycling bin; most camp sites provide recycling bins right onsite for your convenience but if your camp ground does not provide a recycling site, carry the aluminum to a nearby store or other location which has a recycling center. Do not dispose of recyclable material in the trash bin.

  4. Respect Wildlife: As you explore around your campground, be sure to watch for wildlife and respect their rights. These wild areas are their homes and they were there first. Avoid unnecessarily disturbing nesting birds, creatures with babies, and all wildlife in general.

    You can easily observe quietly from the cover of trees or bushes without causing distress to the wild creatures populating the area where you are camping. Practice this same courtesy as you stop along your route traveling to and from your camping location.

  5. Have Fun! Eco-friendly motorcycle camping is all about having fun but it does require a little common sense and courtesy. It isn't difficult to be a concerned, responsible citizen to our planet. It does require that we consider others who live on Earth, both human and wild creatures.

Great Motorcycle Trips to View Wildlife

Eco-friendly motorcycle trips to view wildlife in their natural habitat can be great fun. Seeing wildlife in the natural environments is one type of eco bike trip you will enjoy.

Another type is seeing wildlife which can't be found in the U.S. easily and which can be enjoyed in parks devoted to their care and ensuring they avoid extinction in their natural habitat.

colorado springtime ride
colorado springtime ride


Colorado is a great place to see wildlife. As you ride the Rocky Mountains' less traveled passes, you'll see mountain goats, rams, foxes, birds not commonly found in the cities, squirrels, and much more.

If you stop and sit very quietly, much of the wildlife will ignore you and continue their foraging, allowing you to really enjoy them doing what they normally do every day.

The majesty of the mountains is awe-inspiring and seeing the wildlife is an added benefit. Visit the many icy streams where you can see fish jumping.

Lakes abound in the mountains and boat excursions or white water rafting can be included into your adventure.

The Million Dollar Highway is one of many fun and adventurous rides you can take through the Colorado Rockies.

McWay Falls Big Sur
McWay Falls Big Sur


Travel to California and board a whale-watching boat for a trip out to see to some of these magnificent giants.

If you are lucky, you'll see them jump, blow, flap their flukes, and perform other playful activities. These behemoths are becoming rarer every year, so this is a trip you truly want to make.

Or you can take a beautiful drive to Point Reyes and see the whales from the Lighthouse and Chimney Rock. There are migrations all through the year. In April and May you can see Gray Whale mothers and calves closer to the seashore.

While in California, you'll see a variety of seals. Unfortunately, they are invading the marinas. Sea birds freely search the beaches for food.

Highway 1 stretches all the way up and down the California Coast and massive sections of it are ideal for a good ride, with camping spots and Inns all along the way. A great drive would be to go from Pacifica, through Santa Cruz, Carmel (maybe visit Hearst Castle), to Big Sur, and to Morro Bay. And that's just one section!



Florida offers lots of opportunities to see wildlife. The Everglades National Preserve is one location where birds, alligators, and many other creates can be seen living their daily lives. The landscape is a bit intimidating in some places, but it is well worth the trip.

While in South Florida, visit Miami's Parrot Jungle to see endangered parrots, free flying parrots, and a variety of species. Some are friendly and love to be tickled by visitors. You can have your picture taken with some of the tame parrots. Parrot Jungle is the only place you can see a controlled free-flying flock of macaws.

Each day, they fly out of the jungle and into the surrounding area. You'll see a Banyan tree that is quite old. After Hurricane Andrew, some years ago, the park had to be rebuilt, but it has returned to its former glory and is a stop in a city where you will think you are in the rain forest.

Another good destination is Shark Valley, and the River of Grass.

sunset after long ride
sunset after long ride

Thoughts On Wildlife, Motorcycle Travel, and Life

As our wildlife habitats become more and more threatened, now is the time to go see the animals, birds, and reptiles in their native environment.

There are tons of other places you can visit to see wildlife and you can easily locate a site near you that offers great opportunities. These are simply some of the best wildlife viewing motorcycle trips that many people enjoy every year. So, don't miss out. Plan a trip.

Life is short. I know you've heard that many times in your life. But sometimes you just don't 'get it' until something traumatic happens to you or a loved one. I know this first hand. As the pries at my mothers memorial said in his closing statement, 'Why wait? Why wait?'.

If you found this article helpful can you please 'Life it' and share it? I would love for you to spread the 'love'. Enjoy :-)

Where Would You Like To Ride?

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