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Extang vs Truxedo vs Access vs Lund - Best Tonneau Cover

Updated on September 13, 2014

Soft tonneau covers are one of the best choices for an open truck bed. We looked at the best soft tonneau covers, and compared them feature wise, and gathered information in the field about their reliability.

Why the project? Initially I was thinking about getting a hard tonneau cover, but then I realized I don't want to spend the money, and in my area it is safe to have a soft one, the major factor here is the weather. Also, I didn't want a heavy cover, because it's more difficult to open and close, and the soft covers are better for the gas mileage. On the other hand, the soft tonneau covers are so much easier to open and close, to install, and they are less expensive. The bonus is the great look, they just look awesome on your truck.

Extang 44650 Trifecta
Extang 44650 Trifecta

Find the Perfect Tonneau Cover for Your Truck

Tonneau covers improve your truck bed in two areas, besides the practical aspect of protecting your gear. These two areas are:

  • the aesthetics, by making it look more modern,
  • and the aerodynamics, by removing the unnecessary air friction. They allow air to glide off the cover, rather than creating drag in the truck bed.

A tonneau cover can improve your gas mileage up to 10%. I don't understand why truck manufacturers don't come up with more options in this area, that will certainly make covers more affordable.

In my comparison I looked at the major brands for soft tonneau covers, and I compared all the features and the reviews from customers. My list compares Extang, Truxedo, Access, and Lund, as the products rated as most reliable, and the bestsellers on Amazon.

TruXedo 281101 TruXport Soft Roll-Up Dual Latch Tonneau Cover

Your choice for a soft tonneau cover is probably dictated by the need to take it down from time to time to accommodate large loads. If this is the case, then you need to remove the cover and put it back with ease, and not spend a lot of time. TruXedo 281101 TruXport is one of the best choices from this perspective, because it rolls up very easily, and the velcro attaching system makes this task a breeze, and you can do it all by yourself, without any help. The installation of the TruXedo 281101 is very easy and fast because of the single clamp-on rails, no drilling needed.

The TruXedo 281101 TruXport is very reliable, and it carries a 5 years warranty. The fabric cover can be washed with soap and water, or cleaned in a car wash. The manual tension knob allows easy adjustment to keep the cover tight.

Extang 54780 Revolution Tonneau Cover

This cover has a great design, with a very low profile, and no snaps or velcro. The fastening system is very simple to use, without velcro sides or attaching mechanisms. The Extang 54780 is very easy to install, and the side rails are pre-drilled, and ready to install. It will protect your cargo from rain and snow, it is weatherproof.

The Extang 54780 Revolution is ideal for those who need to remove the tonneau cover on a regular basis. It is very simple to install or remove.

Lund 96064 Genesis Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

The Genesis roll-up tonneau cover from Lund is one of the best soft covers. Like all of the top competitor products on the market, it is very easy to install, in about 30 minutes. There is no drilling necessary, and is very reliable - heavy duty.

Lund 96064 Genesis has a lifetime warranty. The cover has a low profile, it is black, and it looks stunning. The velcro and latch fasteners allows opening and closing fast and easy. The quick release rail latch makes the opening and closing a very easy task, unlike other models.

Access 41269 Lorado Low Profile Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

There are many details about this tonneau cover that makes it stand out from the rest. Firstly, you can't ignore the lifetime warranty. Then the rolling of the cover is an easy task. The material is great and it makes a huge difference in use, and it looks better than other, and it is more flexible and resistant to harsh weather. Minor details such as shipping the cover rolled up rather than folded, makes you appreciate the attention to details that Access puts into their product.

Access 41269 Lorado has a lifetime warranty.The slightly higher price is fully justified by the quality of the product and the attention to details put into it.

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