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Fitting a Car Body Kit

Updated on August 30, 2012

Basics of installing a body kit

Fitting a car body kit may seem like a DIY project, but unless you have specific knowledge about fitting car body kits, or are just blessed with natural abilities when it comes to do-it-yourself jobs, this project is quite possibly best left to a professional, or at the very least an amateur whose previous efforts you have actually inspected.

So then, where do you get hold of an individual who will be able to do the job for you? The reality is that installing a body kit, despite which sort of automobile you plan installing it on, isn't for the faint-hearted. This won't be a job for your typical hobbyist.

An effective means to identify someone to mount car body kits, is undoubtedly to ask someone that actually did have a body kit fitted.

If at all possible, visiting a custom car fair will probably be your best bet. You will likely identify not merely fanatics with body kits, but a couple of the guys who actually make money from this sort of job.

Apart from that, you are going to, quite possibly, be inundated with tips as well as referrals from all and sundry at these exhibitions, as every person has their personal take on how to go about the job and, which company is the most skilled to get everything done by.

Additionally, the web is often a terrific place to take part in discussions on the various online forums, frequently visited by custom car fanatics, and you never know what sort of valuable information you might be offered. Facebook, as well, has a decent variety of fan sites, however, they seem to be primarily trying to market the kits, rather than discuss them.

The net is a major resource for details about the custom car world, due to the fact that custom car fans love to flaunt their specialities. Do yourself a favor and devote a while to surfing the web. This is a large help, as you will certainly be able to find photos of all the different kits that are available.

The popular areas to start hunting, would be the telephone book, or the web.
At the same time, it is not such a bad idea to question your body kit maker for any highly recommended garages in your area, that could do the project. A qualified mechanic will definitely recognize just what sort of body kit suits your automobile.

A body kit needs to suit your car from the start, before even thinking about just how it will look, or else, if the kit isn't right, how it looks will not mean much.

Be sure that the workshop you pick for the project has had adequate exposure to this sort of project, as well as, is going to do a really good finishing job at spraying the kit. Ask if you can look at any images of earlier projects that the shop has actually completed.

When you have finally picked a certain kit, call the supplier and inquire as to exactly what material your preferred body kit is made from, if there is any type of guarantee, and if it is necessary for factory parts from your car's safety frame to be taken out in order that the kit will fit as necessary.

If it is necessary for the factory components to be removed, at that point don't bother buying the kit. Because of the safety factor, avoid buying body kits that demand factory pieces from your car or truck's chassis to be taken out.

Make sure to consult with the supplier on whether or not they supply installation plans, or perhaps a manual along with the kit. Generally since mistakes can be made and, if an element does not immediately fit, it never will fit. At least with a handbook, you can easily find out why there are problems before continuing. You simply cannot force the matter.

Whichever way you choose to have your new car body kit installed, this is basically the one certain method to a quick character modification to your ride.

Inevitably, whether you choose to send your body kit to a garage and get the specialists to perform the job, or have an eager hobbyist that is in fact skilled in fitting a car body kit, is indeed up to you.


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