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Free Cell Phones for Poor People

Updated on September 13, 2012

If order for you to get a free cell phone, you’ll have to check whether or not this program is available in your state. Not all states currently run this program. To do this, go to Safelink Wireless, which is the provider, and enter your zip code. It will immediately tell you if you’re eligible. The other criterion that needs to be met is that your income needs to be at or below a certain level. Your definition of poor may be different from what the government defines as poor. But if you are already a beneficiary of other government run programs then you’re most likely eligible for a free cell phone as well.

After you have determined whether you’re eligible for free cell phones for poor people, you need to submit an application to Safelink Wireless. Along with your application you have to submit your pay stub or W2 which is used to determine your income requirement. Each household is only allowed to have one phone. So you can’t get a phone for your spouse and kids for free. There’s also a limit to the amount of minutes you can use for free each month. So you need to keep watch of the minutes used and only use it for real emergencies. Try to save your minutes because it will rollover to the next month and you can accumulate more minutes.

Poor people are certainly financially challenged and have less access to life’s basic necessities. If they can barely pay for food and shelter, how can poor people afford anything else, especially something like a cell phone? Fortunately for poor people, there are many government run programs that help them get back on their feet. For example, there is the food stamp program with provides some free nutritious food for the financially challenged. Another relatively new program is the free cell phones for poor people program.

Now you may be wondering why the government would sponsor a free cell phone for people. This is because nowadays, just about everyone has a cell phone. It is basically the primary mode of communication. It also has many valuable uses. The most important is when you need to make a call in times of emergency and there is no landline phone near you. For example, if your car broke down and you were stranded hundreds of miles from the nearest town, all you’d have to do is whip out that cell phone and call for help. Back in the old days you’d either have to wait for a Good Samaritan to stop and help you or you’d walk to the next town. Since cell phone plans are expensive, poor people aren’t able to have access to them. This puts them in a more vulnerable position. And this is why the government sponsors the free cell phones for poor people program.


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