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Free Vehicle History Check

Updated on April 26, 2010

Are you thinking about buying a used car?  Before you hand over any money to the seller, you should always do a vehicle history check.  Usually, you’ll take the VIN, which is a special identifier for every vehicle, and do a background check on it.  The vehicle history report will tell you whether the vehicle has been in a wreck and was salvaged, had been flooded, or whether the odometer had been tampered with.  All this information would quickly tell you whether or not you should even go look at the car. 

Of course, everyone would want to get a free vehicle history check.  However, there are really no services that offer VIN checks for free.  This is because these services have to gather all the data from many sources to provide the information to you, and nobody would just do that for free.  However, there are a few ways you can get some limited vehicle history information. 

First, go to NICB’s website and use their VIN check to find out whether the vehicle you are looking to buy was an unrecovered stolen or salvage vehicle.  Those are the only two pieces of information you’ll get from there though.  Yet, these are very information to know. 

If you are buying a used car from the dealer, then they probably already have a Carfax or Autocheck report for that vehicle.  Just ask the dealer and they’ll be more than happy to give it to you for free.  Dealers will do just about anything to sell you the vehicle. 

Finally, do a search in the search engine using the VIN number.  Sometimes you may get lucky and pull up some history regarding the vehicle you plan on purchasing. 

In general though, if you want a full free vehicle history check on a privately owned car, you might just have to end up forking over the money for the history report from either Carfax or Autocheck.  For Autocheck, you get unlimited use of their service for a period of time so you can check up on as many VIN’s as you want.  Carfax gets their information from more sources than Autocheck though.  Sometimes you just have to pay some money to get a piece of mind and it could potentially save you thousands of dollars.   


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    • kannaji profile image

      kannaji 7 years ago from US

      Thanks a lot for mentioning NICB's website so that i could have a check...good article.