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Fun Floor Mats For Your Car

Updated on March 18, 2014

A Car Without The Fun Floor Mats

As you can see ... the mats here are lifeless and black. They have nothing on them. If you look at them they only remind you of a floor mat.

Do you want a floor mat or a funny floor mat?

Ok, so floor mats can be tacky but the only one that can see it is you. What do you think about the your car? You can take a quiz it you want ... or you can just decide for yourself. The quiz is a little hard and I didn't pass. I guess, I should just stick to quizzes that don't have any real answers.

The floor of your car is a place where it can not be seen from the street. Also, a car collector can put the funny ones in the car but have the black ones in the trunk. If you love Hello Kitty no one needs to know at the car show. Well, all that pink might make someone wonder.

Image: DChance

Picture I drew,
Picture I drew,

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a game played by millions.

I started playing Angry Birds Space. This is the first time I have played Angry Birds. I feel that, that I should know about the product if I want others to have it on there car interior.

level 1- pick your first planet.

A sling-shot shots a bird into a target. You pull back the slingshot with your hand on the sling-shot.

one target 1-1

four targets 1-2

opposite direction 1-3

Bird are knocked over like this one. There are two planets. Your birds are on one planet and the other planet has your targets.

picture: DChance

Angry Birds

What do you think of Angry Birds?

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my image of crown
my image of crown

Princess Floor Mat

Have you always wanted to be a princess or just step on one? This mat will give you the opportunity to step on a princess ... well mat.

Get the princess muddy. Tell everyone that you can be dirty without dirtying your car.

Show all the princess out their who is boss.

Picture: DChance


What do you think about princesses?

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The butterfly one could be used in a wedding. Some people release butterflies in a wedding.

Instead of throwing rice the couple releases butterflies. The butterflies are available on-line.

Butterflies have 3 body parts. They have 6 legs. The wings are attached the center of the body.

The cycle of their life is: Egg-Larva-Pupa-Butterfly. The butterflies does not start out with wings.

Image: DChance

image from:
image from:

Kio Fish

This fish live a long time. Longer than a dog or cat. These can even be kept outside given that there are at least 1000 galleons of water to put them in.

In colder weather allow a hole in the ice to be maintained. You could use a floating heater to do that job.

image from:

Dragon Floor Mats

Dragons have been the animals of legend. They have scales, fly and can be ridden for miles. All your imagination needs is to create a story where you ride off to save the prince or princess on one of them.

In Chinese astrology, is the dragon is the boss or the future leader. This is the sign to be, if you love to lead and you are a bit of a snob.

I love dragons. It was fun to write about them as a kid. There are all sorts of dragons. Different colors and sizes. Even ones that look like lizards with small wings.

Image: DChance

Our Car

my husband's car
my husband's car

Floor Mats - Add them just for fun.

Angry Birds- Is a game played with small plastic birds, cards and stand ups. You knock down the stands with the birds. In the game, the bird gets knocked around to make points. Unfortunately, the birds die. There are many more birds in the game, though.

Princess- a girly gift is a princess item. This can be for younger drivers.

Butterfly- I like butterflies so they can be a reminder of what you can become if you really try. Also, it is about excepting fate.

Koi- A Koi fish takes extra care. It can live for a very long time.

Angry Bird Front and Rear Carpet Floor Mats [Automotive]
Angry Bird Front and Rear Carpet Floor Mats [Automotive]

The birds can be a simple of you never giving up.


What type of floor mat do you own?

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