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Harley Davidson Days

Updated on July 20, 2014

A Bike Surprise

I asked my husband his suggestion regarding a gift he wouldn't expect. He said a kitten and I got all excited thinking that I was getting a kitten for Valentines day. After thinking about it overnight I finally convinced myself that he was simply answering my question. What would I not expect as a gift, not what are you getting me as a gift? I know we can't really take on another cat right now. I thought hard about what he would least expect and finally came up with a Harley Davidson. I know that he loves them and did own one a long time ago. Lucky for me he is a rational man and has come to accept the fact that there are just things we can't afford. My final conclusion for a gift that is unexpected is a Hog.

This lens is my dedication to what would be a super unexpected gift and how to give it even when finances don't allow.


Leather Harley

Wow this is really cool!

A replica of a bike made completely out of leather. It resides in the Harley Davidson Museum. Six foot long detailed 3/4 scale

Scale Model

Knowing that my husband really wanted one of these motorcycle I decided that I was going to give him one. One that I could afford and he could still park around the house. A true to size scaled down model he has parked in the dinning room hutch..........

He can't say I didn't get him what he always wanted

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Is this really going to be what the future of Harley Davidson looks like?

As a designer I can say it is one sleek and interesting looking bike

The Future 2020

Is this what this majestic motocyle is going to look like in 2020 ? I think it is neat but it looks like a pair of handcuffs. Bright orange handcuffs.

Photo credit and more .....

Beast of the Bikes

I think everyone has a motorcycle gene in them. I have never driven a bike but was frequently a rider on the back. Of all the bikes out ther the all time beasts were the Harley's. I guess that is why they were given the nickname HOG. I could never understand why they were called hogs and police were nicknamed pigs. They are both in the same family yet one was cool and the other was not cool. I love the feel of a motorcycle between the legs and the engine rumbling. There is no other that will give you the intense feeling and awe than a HD.

All Wood Ride

As you may have noticed my way to share a lens is with pictures and here is another unusual Harley that is made of teak wood

This wooden Haley Davidson can be foundStugis Motorcycle Museum

Rent a Harley Davidson

Not everyone can afford or have the space to keep a Hog. I found this great way that you can have your HD moment and not be tied down to the bike itself. There are tours and rentals in every state in the US. I also found some place in countries other than the United States. Some Google searching will help you to find a place in your area.

Guided and self guided tours through EagleRider the world's largest motorcycle rental company.

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A Dreamer ?

You can be a rider or just a dreamer. Either way there is no reason not to enjoy this American past time one way or the other. With the high cost of gasoline it is probably better to be a dreamer and enjoy having a few reminders around the house.

Harley Davidson on Amazon

Here are a few items of interest on the Hog

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